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FIG, ICU and Sportaccord sign Trilateral Agreement

Lausanne – Switzerland, Sept 10, 2012: Trilateral, The agreement finalizing the terms and conditions under which the FIG supports the principle for the admission of the International Cheer Union (ICU) into SportAccord has now been signed by all of the three parties involved: SportAccord, the ICU and the FIG. The final signature


In mourning Maria Simionescu passes away

Lausanne (SUI), August 23, 2012: Romanian Maria Simionescu passed away on August 21, 2012 at the age of 85, following a long and difficult illness. She was one of the key figures in women’s artistic gymnastics, as an educator, national coach and latterly, from 1972 to 1996, as a senior FIG official.


Aerobic at Round Table Meeting in Sofia

Lausanne, August 21, 2012: It is custom for the Aerobic Technical Committee to invite the directors of participating federations to a Round Table meeting parallel to a world championship event, as was done at the 2012 Aerobic Gymnastics edition in Sofia (BUL) last June. The meeting is a time to discuss the


Glory days at Greenwich and Wembley

Lausanne – Switzerland, August 14, 2012: Olympic review: Wembley, It featured a Flying Squirrel and a Flying Dutchman, it had star names and surprises, and much of it unfolded in one of the most atmospheric venues of the London Games – it was the Gymnastics at the 2012 Olympics, the greatest show


My Olympics – London 2012 in their words

London – GBR, August 14, 2012: “We are superheroes and we do tricks that no one can do.” It reads like the tagline for a summer blockbuster movie but in fact these were the words of the United States’ Gabby Douglas, winner of the Women’s Individual All-around crown at London 2012. Superheroes


Glorious’ Games end with British pop pageant

London – GBR, August 14, 2012: Pageant, There was music, there were lights and there were doubtless tears in a few eyes as the London Olympics ended on a night of celebration on Sunday. The Olympic Stadium that had served as a field of dreams for the past fortnight became a stage


Father’s pride in Tanaka trio

London – GBR, August 11, 2012: Wakayama in eastern Japan is a region famed for its sacred mountains and shrines. It is to one such site, Nichizengu, that the Tanaka family make an annual pilgrimage each New Year and when they visit on 1 January 2013, to pray for blessings, they should


Peerless Kanaeva completes Olympic double

London – GBR, August 11, 2012: With Russian flags rippling around Wembley Arena and louds shouts from her supporters, Evgeniya Kanaeva took an elegant leap into the Olympic record books on Saturday as she became the first rhythmic gymnast to retain the Individual All-around Gold medal. Kanaeva won with a total of


Decisions of FIG executive committee

London – GBR, August 10, 2012: Summary of primary decisions taken and information published by the FIG Executive Committee at its ordinary meeting on August 5 – 7, 2012 at the Grange Tower Hotel in London (GBR). • After reading and discussing the 2013 – 2016 Codes of Points, the Executive Committee


The tragedy of the last London Games

London – GBR, August 08, 2012: Remembering, Triumph and tragedy are overused words in the sporting lexicon but when it comes to telling the tale of Czechoslovakia’s Women’s Gymnastics gold medal winners at the 1948 Olympic Games in London, they are the very least that is required. This, after all, was a