FIG, ICU and Sportaccord sign Trilateral Agreement

FIG, ICU and Sportaccord sign Trilateral Agreement

Lausanne – Switzerland, Sept 10, 2012: The agreement finalizing the terms and conditions under which the FIG supports the principle for the admission of the International Cheer Union (ICU) into SportAccord has now been signed by all of the three parties involved: SportAccord, the ICU and the FIG.

The final signature was added at FIG headquarters on August 29, in the presence of ICU President Jeff Webb and ICU General Secretary Karl Olson, along with their FIG counterparts Prof. Bruno Grandi and André F. Gueisbuhler.

Commenting on the agreement, SportAccord’s President, Hein Verbruggen hailed what he described as “a positive outcome, and one which all of the parties are happy with.” He went on to state that, “The ICU’s membership application will be on the agenda of the next SportAccord General Assembly and there is no doubt that the presence of the ICU within SportAccord would strengthen and increase the scope of its offering to both the public and the media.”

Speaking on behalf of the ICU, Jeff Webb added: “Our Union is very proud to have taken this positive step forward and we would like to thank our partners and co-signatories of this agreement. SportAccord membership would open up new horizons for the ICU in terms of its development and its profile on the international stage. It is also important for our 103 national federations members, As well as over three million cheer athletes worldwide.”

FIG President, Prof. Bruno Grandi also welcomed the agreement, noting that it “sets out clearly and in a way that satisfies all of the parties involved, those specific activities for which the FIG and the ICU will each assume direct responsibility.” —- FIG

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