New Total Euro 2012 iPhone App Provides Best Player and Team Stats

New Total Euro 2012 iPhone App Provides Best Player and Team Stats

London, United Kingdom, May 15, 2012: The newly released iPhone app Total Euro 2012 ups the game for other Euro 2012 apps by providing an unrivaled depth of statistics about every team and individual players. Users are able to compare teams side by side ahead of the game and check the results of the last matches they played against each other as well as recent history (including Euro 2012 qualification games). This on top of more standard features to be expected from any premium sports app such as live match stats and commentary or team formations.

“Right from the very start we understood that for an iPhone app for Euro to be genuinely useful, it can’t be just a gimmick which merely displays a list of fixtures, but should allow users to quickly access all the detailed stats and information about the teams and players they are interested in”, commented Tom Kotecki, Director and Co-Founder of The App Team, the London-based company behind the app. “Whether they are watching the game and want to find out how did a particular player perform in the last season, or are simply preparing themselves ahead of the game and want to compare the teams, it’s all there.”

For every match of the Euro, a detailed head-to-head analysis is provided, complete with graphs and factors from FIFA rankings through recent matches to past Euro & World Cup performance all taken into account.

Users who aren’t able to watch a game live will be able to track its progress using the app as well, with full live commentary and stats available, as well as push notifications for any significant event during the game such as goals, penalties, yellow/red cards etc.

Given the wealth of information, extra care had to be put into design of the app, ensuring it’s not overwhelming and easy to navigate.

“This approach seems to resonate well with our users, as within two days of the release we managed to hit Top 10 Sports chart here in the UK and up to Top 3 internationally” – added Kotecki.

Total Euro 2012 can be downloaded from the App Store now for £1.99/€2.39/$2.99. App Store link (UK):

The App Team Ltd is a London-based mobile development company focusing on sports apps (apart from Total Euro 2012, it’s planning to shortly release two apps for the other big sports event of the year, the London 2012 Olympic Games). The two founders have each over 10 years of experience in developing and marketing software, including mobile apps. The company was launched with a goal of providing well thought-out and intuitive apps, starting with the sports category.

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