Usain BOLT (JAM) on the Commonwealth Games, football and retirement

Usain BOLT (JAM) on the Commonwealth Games, football and retirement

The Olympics Sports team Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Sadiq Padela, Gold Coast, Australia, Apr 12, 2018: Comments from multiple Olympic and world athletics champion, and world record holder at 100m and 200m, Usain BOLT (JAM), in a media conference at the Main Media Centre on Thursday 12 April (Usain BOLT Main Media Centre).

Usain BOLT (JAM)
On being an inspiration – 23 mins:

“I am from the rural area of Jamaica, from the country. I used to play football in the streets with anything I could find, bottles, anything I could get my hands on. At no point in time did I think I would be at this level.

“It is amazing to sit back now. I get messages all the time, not just from track athletes, from random people in life saying you have inspired me to do well, to work hard to be a doctor to do better.

“For me that is unbelievable and I am happy to inspire people.”

On doping in the sport – 22 mins:
“It is rough to see what the sport has gone through in the last few years. Doping is not helping the athletes or the sport. Just focus on working hard and being clean. That is what I will continue preaching.”

On whether he feels any emptiness or depression since retiring – 14 mins:

“My team keeps me very busy. I’m busier now I’m retired. I travel a lot more and I’m home a lot less. I don’t get time to miss it (competing) because they keep me working, so I’m OK… for now.

“I will see what happens down the road.”

On missing the ‘roar and adrenalin’ – 8 mins:

“I know I’m going to miss the competition and the crowd, because it really drives me and I enjoy it. But I have accomplished everything I wanted to do, and this is why I want to move on to something else.

“Having money’s great, but accomplishing something that you have always wanted is even better.”

On speculation he’ll sign a football contract with Manchester United – 4 mins:

“(Laughs) There’s no such thing right now. It’s still in the early stages, still doing trials and trying to get fit; still working on a few things.

“But I am very serious about playing football and I’m putting in the work and working with Diamond (in the Diamond League), trying to figure out which direction I am going to go.

“I am not linked to Manchester, but hopefully in the future.”
On the world’s obsession with him post-retirement and whether athletics should move on and find new stars – 2 mins:

“It’s definitely going to take time; it’s not always going to be like this, I know that much.

“I’ve said it to a few of the athletes, this is your time, the sport really needs somebody else to step up and be that person. So it’s a wide open playing field.”

On how he will cope with being a spectator at the athletics (tonight at Carrara Stadium) – 37 seconds:

“It should be interesting, I’m looking forward to it. I know I’m going to be itching to go out there, especially as it’s the 200m finals.

“I”m just happy to be here at the Commonwealth Games and see it from a spectator standpoint tonight; I’m excited about that.”

On presenting medals at the athletics at Carrara Stadium – 1 min:

“It should be weird, I don’t know what ‘m going to say; I don’t want to be kinda like everybody and just say congratulations. I’ll try to come up with something smart to say.”

On the importance for Jamaica to win another relay – 2 mins:

“To defend our title is important. Hopefully the guys are up for it and I’ll be there to watch and cheer them on.”
On telling Yohan BLAKE (JAM) that if he lost the 100m, not to return to Jamaica – 9 mins:

“It was actually a joke. I haven’t called him, I haven’t text him. I am waiting to go to the village to see him to have a conversation, so I’m definitely going to make fun of him. It’s definitely going to be a good conversation.”

On how hard it is for BLAKE (JAM) to follow in his footsteps – 19 mins:

“He understands the pressure, we have competed against each other a lot.”
On whether his world record will be broken and if it is true he may compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – 7 mins:

“You’re very wrong. For me records are meant to be broken. Hopefully it won’t be any time soon, but I feel in time some young person will come along – if they have the same work ethic and talent, and they want it as bad as I wanted it, the possibility is there, but hopefully it’s not any time soon.”

On the 100m final and what South Africa can learn from Jamaica – 7 mins:

“For me it was a bit of a shocking end to the race. Yohan BLAKE (JAM) stumbled a bit, but he probably panicked and the worst possible thing you can do in a race is panic.

That’s what set him back I think. South Africans are ready for the world. The Jamaicans have to keep their eyes open.”

On whether he would consider playing in Australia’s A League football competition – 12 mins:

“I am focusing now on trying to get fit and to a level where I am comfortable (trying to become a professional footballer).

“I’m not worrying about teams at this present point. I just want to get to a level I’m comfortable with and be a footballer.”

On the Commonwealth Games’ relevance, in view of Australia’s domination:

“I take the Commonwealth very seriously.

“For me it was always important; and always on my list.”

On how the Commonwealth Games rank – 15 mins:

“When it comes to a championship, a championship for me is a championship. I would show up well prepared and ready to go no matter what.

“I see no reason when there will be a time when the Commonwealth Games won’t be here. The support is here and I see it in the crowds, the sponsors are here, it’s brilliant.”

On the potential for Jamaica or another Caribbean country hosting a Commonwealth Games – 16 mins:

“I don’t think Jamaica has infrastructure.

“We tried something new with Nitro (athletics) last year; that was brilliant, something different.

“I think in time we will find different structures and ways to spice it up and make people want to be much more a part of it.”

On the Commonwealth Games 4x100m relay being devalued by the no-show of the British world champions – 20 mins:

“I look on the Commonwealth Games as a championship with bells and whistles. I want every medal in my cabinet.

When people ask what kind of gold medals do you have, I can say Commonwealth, championship, the full catalogue.

If they (England) didn’t show up it is their loss.”

On the Gold Coast nightlife (after partying last night) – 10 mins:

“For me it’s all about music. I was on the (music) decks, so that was kinda cool, there were a lot of fans in the club, so that was brilliant. I had a good time.”

On the difference between the Gold Coast and Glasgow (2014 Commonwealth Games) – 21 mins:
“The weather is much better.” —- GC2018

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