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CHAD Judo is the Star CHAD Judo is the Star

Undoubtedly, for more than a week, judo was the star on the riverbanks of the Chari River, in Chad, from January 20th to 22nd, 2012, at the International Tournament of the City of N’Djamena which took place in the Country. The event brought together six African nations during a competition that is



2nd PYRAMID JUDOGI, On the occasion of the Judo Grand Slam, Paris 2012, the International Judo Federation and the French Judo Federation are organizing the second Pyramid of Judogi. Following the great success of the first edition of the Pyramid of Judogi that was held during the last World Judo Championships, Paris


Saudi Arabia Hosts a Technical Course, 31 coaches took part to a level 3 technical course held in Riyadh

Jan 27, 2012: Saudi Arabia Hosts Technical Course, The coaching session started on 26th December 2011 and ended on 5th January 2012. It was conducted by Ahmed MOUSSA, a 7th Dan IJF expert from Algeria. During this course, the attendees have undergone very interesting teaching points to meet their needs and requirements.


IJF President, Marius L. Vizer Back on the Tatami

IJF News, Jan 26, 2012: IJF President Marius Vizer, On the occasion of the recent Judo Grand Prix, Qingdao 2011 (last December), the IJF President, Marius L. Vizer, visited several places where judo is used as a tool for the development and the education of the youth. During his visits, he was also accompanied


Judo Technical Course in Luanda, 25 coaches attended a level 2

Jan 23, 2012: Judo Technical Course, The technical course started on 19th and ended on 29th December 2011. It was conducted by Alain MASSART, an appointed IJF expert from Portugal. The content of the course was very consistent. The teaching points focused on the following items: -Organization chart of standing judo -Positioning



Tokyo, IJF News Dec 09, 2011: JUDO GRAND SLAM TOKYO 2011, Women’s -48kg: Hierarchy Observed; In a category dominated by Japan for months, there was no surprise in the final as world number one won the title in front of world number two, with a perfectly executed ko-soto-gake, along the fighting area. Thus, as


London 2012 will be a Great Event, but there is still Work to do

London, IJF Press Release Dec 04, 2011: “The judo tournament of the London 2012 Olympic Games Judo will be an extraordinary worldwide event. All the ingredients for a great success are present. The organizing committee (LOCOG), assisted by the IJF technical team, that deploys a great organizational energy. Wonderful heroes, who everyday strengthen


History of Kodokan Judo Institute of Japan Last Episode-3.

Dear Readers, Please find belwo third and last episode of History of Kodokan Judo Institute. Yokosutemi-waza (15 techniques) 3-3 Yoko-Otoshi 4-2 Tani-Otoshi 4-3 Hane-makikomi 4-7 Soto-makikomi 5-2 Uki-waza 5-3 Yoko-wakare 5-4 Yoko-guruma 5-8 Yoko-gake • Daki-wakare • Uchi-makikomi • Kani-basami • Osoto-makikomi • Uchi-mata-makikomi • Harai-makikomi • Kawazu-gake *a prohibited waza Kyu