Athlete profile – Thema Williams (TRI),

TOKYO (JPN), FIG Office, October 3, 2011: First year senior Thema Williams will carry her country’s hopes as the sole WAG gymnast participating at these World Championships representing Trinidad and Tobago. Thema Williams joined Tots & Tumblers in 2000, when she was 5 years old. Even at this early age, Thema’s talent was evident, and the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Gymnastics Association immediately recognized that they had been entrusted with a potential World Class athlete. It would become their collaborative obligation to fulfill her potential.

Working alongside some of the more advanced gymnasts, including her older sister, Russha, Thema would ‘look and learn’. Upon arrival at the gym, Thema would often proudly display a skill newly-acquired through practice at home. Waiting her turn was not in her “modus operandi”, and she would constantly sneak in front of her team mates if they were taking too long to mount the apparatus.

Her zest for learning new skills, and her overwhelming enthusiasm for the sport was a source of constant amazement to all working with her. Indeed, “taming” Thema and polishing her routines was the main challenge for her coaches.

Thema has grown into a beautiful, talented, bright and focused young lady. She has paved the way for others, and created history in the sport of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in Trinidad & Tobago. The Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Gymnastics Association is enormously proud of her achievements, and is indebted to her coaches Clifton Mc Dowell and Deborah Garcia, together with her Manager, Annette Telfer, who have stood steadfastly by her side throughout her career.

The Association sincerely thanks the Ministry of Sport who has supported Thema since 2008. They also recognized her talent and shared her dreams and goals, and believed in her. Without their support, Thema would not be where she is today.

(Source: Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Gymnastics Association)

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