SportAccord Shares Dividends, SportAccord Convention

Lausanne, June 6, 2014: SportAccord Convention, SportAccord President, Marius L. Vizer, has signed agreements that will share dividends from the annual SportAccord Convention with the umbrella organisations of SportAccord Member Sports Federations.

Together, the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations – ARISF composed of 35 IFs, and the Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord – AIMS composed of 24 IFs, make up more than half of SportAccord Member International Sports Federations and are big contributors to the World Sport Movement.

As appreciation of the true diversity of Sport and the position of these organisations, they have been recognised as Official Partners of the SportAccord Convention and will receive a dividend percentage from SportAccord.

“Recognising ARISF and AIMS as Official Partners of the SportAccord Convention and providing them with dividends from SportAccord revenues is a token of appreciation and support for the important work that they and their members have done and will continue to do in the interest of sport. We hope this support will enable ARISF and AIMS to better provide value-adding benefits to our Members”, said SportAccord President, Marius L. Vizer.

The SportAccord Convention is the world’s premier annual event at the service of sport, focused on driving positive change internationally, and dedicated to engaging rights holders, organising committees, cities, businesses and other organisations in the development of sport.

Since Marius L. Vizer’s election to SportAccord Presidency in May of 2013, he has been committed to bringing added-value services and additional financial benefits to its 109 Members. The re-distribution of this income is yet another example of his commitment to keeping the interest of the International Sports Federations at the heart of SportAccord’s mission.

About SportAccord
Established in 1967, SportAccord is the union for 109 International Sports Federations and organisations. Its’ mission is to unite and support its’ members, providing them with added-value platforms and services; while continually striving to influence positive change in the sports community and society as a whole.

Activities include the organisation of Multi-Sports Games (World Combat Games, World Mind Games, World Beach Games, World Urban Games); doping-free sport services; the .Sport project, the Sports Hub, new information technology and media services; sports’ social/environmental responsibility and integrity initiatives; and the International Federations recognition process, all created and implemented on behalf, and to the benefit of SportAccord’s members. —- SportAccord

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