European Beach Tennis Championships

Brighton – Great Britain, August 11, 2013: The Italian pairings of Alessandro Calbucci and Marco Garavini, and Flamina Daina and Michaela Zanaboni won the men’s and women’s doubles titles at the 2013 European Beach Tennis Championships in Brighton, Great Britain on Sunday 11 August. A record 20 countries contested this year’s event.

This is the sixth edition of the Championships that have previously been hosted in Italy (2008-09), Turkey (2010), Bulgaria (2011) and San Marino (2012). Since the launch of the ITF Beach Tennis Tour in 2008, worldwide participation has continued to grow each year. The 2013 Tour will see around 150 events held in over 30 countries, while 48 nations are currently represented in the ITF Beach Tennis Rankings.



Men’s doubles Semifinal

(2) Michele Cappelletti/Luca Carli (ITA) d. (3) Patrice Bang/Pascal Herve (FRA) 61 63

(1) Alessandro Calbucci/Marco Garavini (ITA) d. (4) Nikita Burmakin/Igor Panin (RUS) 62 64

Men’s doubles 3rd Place

(4) Nikita Burmakin/Igor Panin (RUS) d. (3) Patrice Bang/Pascal Herve (FRA) 64 57 [10-5]

Men’s doubles Final

(1) Alessandro Calbucci/Marco Garavini (ITA) d. (2) Michele Cappelletti/Luca Carli (ITA) 64 75

Women’s doubles Semifinal

(2) Flamina Daina/Michaela Zanaboni (ITA) d. Alice Grandi/Camilla Zafferani (SMR) 61 61

(2) Dorothee Berreth/Carina Plank (GER) d. (1) Giulia Curzi/Eva D’Elia (ITA) 64 64

Women’s doubles 3rd Place

(1) Giulia Curzi/Eva D’Elia (ITA) d. Alice Grandi/Camilla Zafferani (SMR) 75 64

Women’s double Final

(2) Flamina Daina/Michaela Zanaboni (ITA) d. (3) Dorothee Berreth/Carina lank (GER) 62 76(0)

Mixed doubles Quarterfinal

(6) Alicia Grandi/Willian Forcelini (SMR) d. (4) Caroline Renard/Patrice Bang (FRA) 63 61

Mixed doubles Semifinal

(2) Flamina Daina/Marco Garavini(ITA) d. (6) Alice Grandi/Willian Forcelini (SMR) 64 61

(1) Eva D’Elia/Luca Carli (ITA) d. (3) Gulnara Fattakhetdinova/Nikita Burmakin (RUS) 75 76(4)

Mixed doubles 3rd Place

(6) Alice Grandi/Willian Forcelini (SMR) d. (3) Gulnara Fattakhetdinova/Nikita Burmakin (RUS) 63 64

Mixed doubles Final

(2) Flamina Daina/Marco Garavini(ITA) d. (1) Eva D’Elia/Luca Carli (ITA) 76(5) 64. —- ITF

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