Budapest 2024 unveils future Olympic Park

Budapest 2024 unveils future Olympic Park

Budapest, Dec 14, 2016: Budapest 2024, At least two months of delivery to the IOC’s third and last part of the application, the team of Budapest in 2024 continues to campaign without changing speed or direction. She walks at their own pace, respecting its original strategy. The Hungarians rose Tuesday, December 13 a new glimpse into their vision of the games in 2024. They presented an additional set of virtual images of their Olympic device.

The first of these computer-made images had unveiled certainly spectacular sites (the route of the road cycling, the shooting range archery), but not very decisive. This time, Budapest team pulls out all the play. It shows always virtually, the pace expected from the Olympic Park in the event the IOC prefers Budapest to Los Angeles and Paris at its next session, September 13, 2017 in Lima.

With nine competition venues, ten sports, most athletes’ village and the media, the Olympic Park Budapest 2014 stands as the largest of the seven clusters designed by the bid team. It is located on the east bank of the Danube, an area known in the capital as the “south of Budapest door.”The land is currently occupied by a vast wasteland. The Hungarian team imagines him for a very inspired by the example of East London, a neighborhood completely revitalized by the Summer Games in 2012.

Comment Balázs Fürjes, the chairman of the nomination: “The city will become one and the huge Olympic Park, fueled by the energy and vitality radiated by this cluster and by athletes.”Clarification by Attila Mizsér, director of sports and sites of Budapest 2024:” We feel that the Olympic Park is the right size, the dimensions of a new era for the Olympic movement. The average journey time from the Athletes Village to the competition venues there would be only 12 minutes. “

Resolutely marked the footprint of the Agenda 2020, the Olympic Park in Budapest would be promised to the distant future and concrete once the curtain fell on the Olympic and Paralympic event. The athletes’ village and its 16 500 beds would be transformed into a vast dormitory, which could be accommodated students from four universities.

The athletics stadium (above), with a capacity of 55,000 seats, multifunction serve pregnant and national training center. BMX complex (5000 seats) would be transformed into high-level center and adventure sports park. Even designed for river slalom canoeing (8000 seats). The rowing basin, with a capacity of 14,000 seats, would remain in the state once the Past games. It could be used for training and competitions.

According to the bid team, the Olympic Park in transforming this part of the city is part of the Budapest development plan in 2030. It would be accompanied by the construction of a new bridge over the Danube, called Galvani, to better connect the inhabitants of this part of the city to the rest of the capital.

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