New EC of International Judo Federation

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, August 24, 2013: Today the new IJF Executive Committee had its first meeting in Brazil, just two days prior to the beginning of the World Judo Championships, Rio 2013

President – Marius L. Vizer


Mr. Lassana Palengo – AJU

Mr. Obaid Al-Anzi – JUA

Mr. Sergey Soloveychik – EJU

Mr. Paulo Wanderleu – PJC

Mr. Lennie Niit – OJU

General Secretary – Mr. Jean-Luc Rougé

General Treasurer – Mr. Naser Al-Tamimi

 EC Members:

1 Mr. Alejandro Blanco Olympic Solidarity Director
2 Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos Head Referee Director
3 Mr. Vladimir Barta Head Sports Director
4 Mr. Jan Snijders Head Referee Director
5 Mr. Ignacio Aloise Sport Director
6 Mr. Armen Bagdasarov Sport Director
7 Mr. Daniel Lascau Sport Director
8 Mr. Mohamed Meridja Education & Coaching Director
9 Mr. Habib Sissoko Development Director
10 Mr. Gerard Benone Delegate of the President
11 Mr. Jose Rodriguez Development Director
12 Mr Akady Rotenberg Development Manager

Mr. Vizer, who was just re-elected as the IJF President, emphasised the successful congress that was held yesterday in Rio de Janeiro: “Thanks to the commitment of our team, it was a great success and all delegations had a very positive attitude and gave us good feedback. Then the new Executive Committee went through different subjects that will be under the spotlight over the upcoming months in order to increase the quality of the events and of all the development programmes, as President Vizer announced in front of all the national delegates during the congress. “We are now entering a new period of development for our sport. For instance, we have signed many new TV contracts in relation with the World Judo Tour, and the whole world will be focussed on judo for the next seven days. Our teams (IJF and BJC) need to be very focused!”, said Mr. Vizer.

The official draw of the competition, which will be held tomorrow and the judogi control were among the subjects that were discussed. At the end of the meeting,

Mr. Vladimir Barta, the IJF Head Sports Director, proposed the the Executive Committee to study the possibility to implement World Ranking Lists for cadets and juniors as it is currently utilised for seniors. Mr. Barta said: “We need a World Judo Tour for Cadets and for Juniors as we have in the Seniors. National Federations are waiting for it. When this will be done, probably next year, we will be able to create World Ranking Lists for those age categories.” This proposition was accepted by the exectutive committee.

The IJF Executive Committee counts two new members: Arkady Rotenberg and Jose Humberto Rodriguez, who, after he was designated as a new IJF EC member, declared: “I am honoured that President Vizer had the trust to select me to serve this organisation, the sport and the athletes in the EC position. I accept this challenge and hope that my past experiences working as Director of Sports in the Atlanta Olympic Games, and working with the World Olympians Association will provide me the tools to work for the continuing development of judo which President Vizer has already started since him becoming President.”



On the occasion of the World Championships, Rio 2013, the IJF will proceed with the renewal of the members of the Athletes’ Commission. Five (5) athletes will be elected by their mates for the four years period 2013-2017. The candidates must be 18 or older on the date of elections. They must have participated either in the Olympic Games or IJF World Championships and have never been found guilty of a doping offence during their sporting career. Only the National Federations affiliated to the IJF could propose one (1) candidate and the deadline for receiving candidatures was July 15th 2013.

The voting process will take place from August 26th to 29th, from 09:30 up to 16:30 and the voting box will be available in the judogi control area.

Election results will be announced on the last individual competition day of the Rio World Championships, and the new athletes’ Commission members will be publicly introduced.

1 Mr Armen NAZARYAN Male Armenia EUROPE
2 Miss Karina  BRYANT Female Great Britain EUROPE
3 Mr Liperteliani VARLAM Male Georgia EUROPE
4 Mr Marcus NYMAN Male Sweden EUROPE
5 Mr Miklos UNGVARI Male Hungary EUROPE
6 Mr Tagir Khaybulaev Male Russia EUROPE
8 Mr Ole BISCHOF Male Germany EUROPE
9 Mrs Xian DONGWEI Female China ASIA
10 Mr Naidan TUSHINBAYAR Male Mongolia ASIA
11 Mr Rasul BOQIEV Male Tajikistan ASIA
12 Mr Kasym PUPOLOV Male Turkmenistan ASIA
13 Mr Rishod SOBIROV Male Uzbekistan ASIA
14 Mr CHOI Minho Male Korea ASIA
15 Mr Dieudonné DOLASSEM Male Cameroun AFRICA
16 Mr Anis LOUNIFI Male Tunisia AFRICA
18 Mr Anthony LIU Male American Samoa OCEANIA

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