Interview with Cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi

Interview with Cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi

Shahid, Subject interview was taken on 23-Feb 2013, at 17:45 onwards, at UBL Sports Complex, Karachi – Pakistan.

Mohammad: Assalom-o-Alaikum. How are you?

Afridi: Walikumas-Salam. I am fine Shukar AL-HAMDOLLILAH.

Mohammad: How are you feeling after selecting in ODI & T-20 squad for SA?

Afridi: First of all I thanks to Almighty Allah for His Blessing over me. I always feel very proud when I play for Pakistan and of course I am feeling very glad and cheerful.

Mohammad: Do you think that it is a pressure series?

Afridi: Yes, of course, it is a very pressure series because you know that we lost Test Series. So SA has an advantage of this and our team is under pressure.

Mohammad: You didn’t perform in last couple of series. As this series is pressure full, do you think that you can perform well?

Afridi: Yes, I’m confident for this series and by the Grace of Allah I perform well.

Mohammad: Do you not think that you are aged and you have to retired from cricket?

Afridi: No. I don’t think about this. When I feel I will retire from cricket.

Mohammad: There are lots of questions marks on your performance. As a person, I also think that you only come in ground for modeling?

Afridi: (smiling) Yes, I didn’t perform in last matches but i try my best to delivered maximum in match.

Mohammad: If you try your best for performance, where it is? I didn’t see. I only see your performance in ads and modeling!

Afridi: Ads & modeling is only my hobby. I try my best but in every match you can’t give the good performance.

Mohammad: So if a player is not giving a good performance, why he should be selected?

Afridi: My mean is not that. If board thinks that I’m a good player, what should I do?

Mohammad: In PCB, there is a political interference. You also know that!

Afridi: So you think that I am selected by political interference?

Mohammad: There is a chance!

Afridi: No comments.

Mohammad: There are lots of fans of you. They also want to see your boom boom performance.

Afridi: Yes, Insha Allah I would give a boom boom performance very soon.

Mohammad: Do you not think that your boom boom performance is going towards out performance?

Afridi: Every time it is not possible to give boom boom performance.

Mohammad: So it is possible to give out performance?

Afridi: I didn’t say that.

Mohammad: So why you should not do a good performance? If you think that, then give a performance or otherwise go to home!

Afridi: I am working very hard on my performance and Insha Allah you will see the fruitful result.

Mohammad: Do you not think that you are a burden on PCB? Your performance is doubtful. Leave your place for youngster!

Afridi: No doubt, there is a lot of talent in our country and if PCB thinks then drop me and select the youngster.

Mohammad: So it’s mean that you didn’t leave?

Afridi: As I already said, when I think so, I shall retire from cricket.

Mohammad: You take retirement from cricket many times and then came back. Why this?

Afridi: Only for Pakistan.

Mohammad: But I can’t see any advantage from this?

Afridi: No comments.

Mohammad: What I shall think about your performance in SA?

Afridi: I am hopeful for giving my best at SA.

Mohammad: The condition of SA is different. As you didn’t manage the condition of India in last series, how will I think that you manage the condition of SA.

Afridi: India series was passed out. My focused is only on SA series.

Mohammad: What message you want to give to your fans? Because many people including one of my classmate is a fan, not fan a CRAZY FAN of you. When I told her that I had to go for your interview, she got crazy and said ” mujhy mil wado please. Ahcha mere liye autograph lai ana”. When I said something about you, she comes in anger!

Afridi: (smiling) “acha chalain main SA series kay bad un sy milo ga. Ye mera ap sy aur agar apke class mate parh rahy hain to un se promise hai. And my message to all my fans is to make Dua for me. I will Insha Allah give good performance and make cheerful you.

Mohammad: Please give a special message to your CRAZY FAN! Her starting name word is M!

Afridi: First of all my salam to you. Thanks for your love to me. Make dua for me & Insha Allah very soon we will meet.

Mohammad: What is your message for your HATING FANS (like me) (hahaha)?

Afridi: (smiling) Make dua for me.

Mohammad: (smiling) Afridi Bhai, best wishes for you.

Afridi: Thank you.

Mohammad: Insha Allah we will meet after your series. Take Care. Wish you best of luck. Allah Hafiz.

Afridi: Insha Allah. Thank you. Allah Hafiz.

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