Paris 2024 delegation attends XX ANOC General Assembly, ‘We have learned the lessons of 2005‎’

By Rob Fawdon from Washington DC, USA, Oct 29, 2015: A high-level delegation from the Paris 2024 Bid Committee is attending the XX ANOC General Assembly in Washington DC this week to listen and learn from National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and other key stakeholders in the Olympic Family.

Led by Paris 2024 Co-President and IOC Member, Tony Estanguet; President of the French NOC (CNOSF), Denis Masseglia; and Paris 2024 CEO, Etienne Thobois; the delegation will seek important feedback on the current vision and plans as the bid continues to evolve ahead of the Host City decision in September 2017.

Paris 2024 Co-President and IOC Member, Tony Estanguet, said:

“We are delighted to be here at the ANOC General Assembly to meet with and listen to NOC colleagues and the Olympic Family. Our 2024 project is advancing very well and it is important that we discuss our approach, vision and plans with key Olympic stakeholders.

“Since the Paris bid for the 2012 Games we have continued to develop our sporting infrastructure in the city and across France, hosting major sports events including many international championships for Olympic sports. We have also truly brought the sports movement to the forefront of the bid. We have entered the 2024 race with lessons learned and the foundations built for a great bid. I believe we have an even stronger bid than in 2005.

“Imagine Beach Volleyball under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower or Fencing in the magnificent Grand Palais. We will put to use world famous venues such as Roland Garros and the Stade de France and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Certainty in delivery and innovation in the Games experience.”

President of CNOSF, Denis Masseglia, said:

“Paris is the birthplace of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, and our citizens have a deep passion for Olympic sport which is deeply rooted in our culture. Paris 2024 is a unique opportunity to return sport to the heart of our city and make it central to the lives of the people – the city’s plan is the Games plan.

“Paris 2024 can be a Centenary Games with a wonderful party celebration of Olympism and a mission to help build a bridge into the future based on the values of tolerance, solidarity, inspiration and education. We would like that the Games inspire all the people and all the generations.”

Paris 2024 CEO, Etienne Thobois, said:

“Our aim is to harness the heritage of Olympism in France while presenting an Olympic and Paralympic bid that works in total harmony with our city’s and nation’s long-term sports, economic, social and environmental strategies.

“It is exciting to be here in Washington DC to discuss our ideas with key Olympic stakeholders and receive invaluable feedback at such an important time in the evolution of our bid.”

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