Sochi 2014 Volunteers Will Get British Accent.

Sochi 2014, Press Releases: Representatives of the London 2012 Organizing Committee will select the best Russian volunteers to be part of the London 2012 Games. The selection will be undertaken during the first Volunteer Movement Rally opened today in the city of Sochi. The Rally assembles 250 volunteers from 14 regions of Russia and 26 Sochi 2014 Volunteers Centers. The results of the selection will be announced in November 2011.

In total 104 people will form the Russian Volunteer Team for London 2012: 80 of them will work at the Olympic games, and 24 at the Paralympic games. In the meantime youngsters are to return to their regions sharing precious experience and memories including those of their new friends: students of the University of Central Lancashire also took part in the Rally and shared their skills with their Russian colleagues.

The Rally’s main goal is to develop a sense of involvement in the Games among the volunteers and to cultivate leadership skills among the volunteer movement participants. The best among them – “the golden hundred” – will be sent to the 2012 Games in London to try their strength and gain experience from other countries’ volunteers. After they return from London, the volunteers will share their knowledge with their colleagues from the volunteer centers around Russia.

A program filled with training sessions, contests and seminars is arranged for the participants of the Rally by a professional team of trainers and organizers. During the “Olympic Induction” interactive program, participants are to be familiarized with the history and values of the Olympic movement. Another block, “Ideal Leader”, is entirely dedicated to various training sessions familiarizing the volunteers with the notions of leadership and individual effectiveness, as well as teaching them to properly associate within a group and to be persuasive. In addition, the volunteers will have a tour around the Olympic venues.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, marked:

“Sochi 2014 Volunteer Centers will start massive recruitment of volunteers in February 2012 – two years prior to the Games. The “golden hundred” of the Sochi 2014 volunteers baptized by the London Games will become a good human resource basis for the volunteer centers. I’m sure that these youngsters will not only add their experience but also the Olympic drive to organizing and holding the Sochi Games.

We will be the first Organizing Committee in the history of Winter Olympic and Paralympic games to provide a large scale games-time test to our volunteers’ performance prior to their exposure at Sochi 2014. The London Olympic Games will comprise lots of functional areas of volunteers’ activity – from meeting the guests at the airport to assisting at the Closing Ceremony of the Games. Taking into account the wide range of tasks, the London 2012 Organizing Committee imposes high demands upon future volunteers. They have to possess lots of skills: be multilingual, team-oriented, command basic knowledge on the Olympic family and many other things.

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