Junior World Judo Championship, Cape Town 2011 – DAY 1 & DAY 2

IJF News Nov 03, 2011: Women’s -44kg: Same Final, same result – Double World Title for HAMADA, The winner of last year Junior Judo World Championship, Agadir 2010, the Japanese Sakiho HAMADA, was again present in Cape Town to defend her title as well as the Brazilian Agueda SILVA, who was only defeated by Hamada in the final of the 2010 edition of the event.

During this first day of competition, both athletes were still running for gold after the preliminaries, and without any surprise they met for the second time in a row in the world final.

After 30 seconds, the Japanese launched the first powerful attack on o-soto-gari bud did not succeed. Taller than her opponent, the brazilian had difficulties to brake Hamada’s defense and was then penalized with a shido for passivity, but the scoreboard remained empty until the end of the regular time. In the golden score, the Japanese was rapidly penalized for false attack, also with a shido.

For the rest of the combat, the two competitors tried to score but could not do it. A very last strong attack by the Japanese, the Brazilian landing on her stomach, probably gave her the referee decision. With three blue flags, Hamada became for the second time, Junior World Champion.

The two bronze medals were attributed to Cristina CASAS (ESP) who defeated the French Amelie GILLY (FRA) and to Hayley WILLIS (GBR) who send back home without the precious medal, the Serbian Julijana SAVIC.

Final Results

1. HAMADA, Sakiho (JPN)

2. SILVA, Agueda (BRA)

3. CASAS, Cristina (ESP)

3. WILLIS, Hayley (GBR)

5. GILLY, Amelie (FRA)

5. SAVIC, Julijana (SRB)

7. CASAS, Cristina (ESP)

7. TRUONG, Summer (USA)

Men’s -55kg: Cadet World Champion from 2009 wins the Junior World Title:

In the final, the first to score was the Kazakh, Seriktay ZAKETAYEV, who took the lead with a yuko. But, adopting a defensive attitude, he was penalized, both athletes ending the regular time tied. After 30 seconds, ZAKETAYEV dreamed that he had scored, but the video refereeing commission cancelled the yuko that was given. Everything was to be done again. One minute before the end of the match, Sakhavat GADZHIEV also scored but that time he was designated the new Junior World Champion.

In the category, none of the last year medallists were present. Sakhavat GADZHIEV (RUS), who won the Cadets World Championship in 2009, is still among the best athletes in the Juniors and was able the enter the final after an impressive demonstration.

During the preliminaries he has successively beaten Cedric REVOL (FRA), Dmytro ATANOV (UKR) and David PULKRABEK (CZE), before behind opposed in the semi-final to the current national junior champion of Georgia, George MESABLISHVILI. The other semi-final opposed Ming Yen TSAI (TPE), who won his national junior championship earlier this year, and Seriktay ZAKETAYEV (KAZ), who already stepped two times on European Cups U20, in 2011 (Leibnitz and St. Petersbourg).

The Belgium Gert MAES (BEL) won the first bronze medal by defeating Ming Yen TSAI (TPE) with a perfectly executed armlock, the second bronze medal going to George MESABLISHVILI (GEO), winner of Ivan ZVEREV (RUS) by a little yuko.

Final Results:

1. GADZHIEV, Sakhavat (RUS)

2. ZAKETAYEV, Seriktay (KAZ)

3. MAES, Gert (BEL)


5. TSAI, Ming Yen (TPE)

5. ZVEREV, Ivan (RUS)


7. JOLLY, Kim (AUS)

Women’s -48kg: One Step Higher for Endo: 

Almost 4 minutes were necessary to Endo to open the score against Alesya KUZNETSOVA (RUS), who desperately tried to attract the Japanese on the floor, wher she excels. this first yuko was immediately followed by a second one, which gave the final victory to Hiromi Endo, already silver medallist at a Junior World Championship (Paris 2009).

In this category, the only medallist from last year Junior World Championship, still competing, was Nathalia BRIGIDA (BRA). Until the quarter final, she could have expected a better result than in Agadir, but she was stopped by the Turkish, Ebru SAHIN, coming from the 44kg category (bronze medallist in Agadir), who was opposed to the Japanese, Hiromi ENDO, in her semi-final. Endo has already a name in the Judo world, as she was silver medallist, in Paris two years ago, on the occasion of her first participation in the Junior Worlds.

After a very tactical match, she defeated the Turkish. The second semi-final contest opposed the Russian Alesya KUZNETSOVA, winner of several medals at the continental level this year, and Yanan LI (CHN) who defeated Nicole KAISER (AUT), Kutuja MULTANI (IND) and Soohee CHOI (KOR) earlier during the first rounds of the competition.

The russian applied a perfect juji-gatame (arm-lock) to obtain her ticket for the final. During the first round of competition, KUZNETSOVA defeated the young American, Katelyn Bouyssou, who won the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games, last year un Singapore.

Final Results:

1. ENDO, Hiromi (JPN)


3. CLEMENT, Melanie (FRA)

3. CHOI, Soohee (KOR)

5. LI, Yanan (CHN)

5. SAHIN, Ebru (TUR)

7. BRIGIDA, Nathalia (BRA)

7. CHIBANA, Gabriela (BRA)

Men’s -60kg: Third Title for Japan: 

Takato, from Japan, won the third gold medal for his country today in Cape Town, confirming the supremacy of Japan in the lightest weight categories, in Junior as well as in Senior. Korean Baul AN couldn’t do anything to beat Takato and was defeated by one yuko and one waza-ari.

47 competitors came to the weigh-in early morning but none of the last year medallist were registered for this year edition of the championship. The first semi-final opposed two national Junior Champions, Allan KUWABARA, from Brazil, and Baul AN, from Korea. The second semi-final took place between Yeldos SMETOV (KAZ), winner of the last year Junior World Championship but in a different category as he was competing in -55kg, and Naohisa TAKATO (JPN), winner of the Cadets World title in 2009.

The first bronze medal went to SMETOV, Yeldos (KAZ), who defeated the Turkish, Ahmet KABA, after a forbidden leg grab. The second bronze medal being awarded to Allan KUWABARA (BRA) who scored two waza-ari against Bernard AZINOVIC (CRO)

Final Results:

1. TAKATO, Naohisa (JPN),

2. AN, Baul (KOR)

3. SMETOV, Yeldos (KAZ), 3. KUWABARA, Allan (BRA)

5. KABA, Ahmet (TUR), 5. AZINOVIC, Bernard (CRO)


The first bronze medal was won by the French Melanie CLEMENT against Yanan LI (CHN), the second going to Korea, with CHOI, Soohee (KOR).


Women’s -52kg: Japan vs. Ukraine: 1 for Japan
There was no suspense in the final of the women’s -52kg as the Japanese won easily the match against the Ukrainian. Just before, the first semi-final of today’s category opposed two asian athletes: the 17 year-old Takumi MIYAKAWA (JPN) and Dongyin LIU, from China. In the second semi-final, the two competitors, who were fighting for a golden ticket, were coming from Europe: Oleksandra STARKOVA (UKR), winner of the continental junior championship this year, and Floor STOOP, Netherlands national champion.

Among the four medallists of last year world championship in Agadir, only Eleudis VALEMTIM (BRA) was defending her medal. Ranked second in Morocco, she lost in the semi-final, and could only reach the bronze medal fight, where she was again defeated by the Dutch Floor STOOP, who took the bronze. In the second half of the draw, the bronze medal was won by the Swiss Cheyenne BIENZ.

Final Results

1. MIYAKAWA, Takumi (JPN), 2. STARKOVA, Oleksandra (UKR)
3. STOOP, Floor (NED), 3. BIENZ, Cheyenne (SUI)
5. VALEMTIM, Eleudis (BRA), 5. LIU, Dongyin (CHN)
7. ROSSO, Julia (FRA), 7. HADDAD, Djazia (ALG)

Men’s -66kg:  Japan vs. Russia: 2 for Japan

After an already tough match and with only 22 seconds left in the final between Magomed AKHMAROV (RUS) and Sho TATEYAMA (JPN), the Russian thought that he would win with a penalty given to the Japanese, but that was not the decision of the referees. It was time for golden score. One minute later, TATEYAMA, also thought that he was the winner with a superb action, but outside of the competition area, no score. Everything had still to be done to determine the new world champion of the category. With only 20 seconds left, Tateyama could finally find the solution and immobilize his opponent, after a terrific fight.

Before the final, the first semi-final, opposed Magomed AKHMAROV and Arthur CLERGET, from France, who had the ambition to step as high as possible on the podium. But at the beginning of the match, he couldn’t armlock his opponent and was caught with a strangulation that left him unconscious for a a couple of seconds. Back on his feet, he tried to catch the bronze, but once again was beaten by Lasha SHAVDATUASHVILI, from Georgia, the second bronze going to Dongkyo LEE (KOR).

Final Results

1. TATEYAMA, Sho (JPN), 2. AKHMAROV, Magomed (RUS)
3. LEE, Dongkyo (KOR), 3. SHAVDATUASHVILI, Lasha (GEO)
5. FORTIN DEMERS, Michael (CAN), 5. CLERGET, Arthur (FRA)
7. TORENOV, Yertugan (KAZ), 7. DESILETS, Everet (USA)

Women’s -57kg: Japan vs. Netherlands : 3 for Japan

After a good resistance from the Dutch Sanne VERHAGEN, who earlier during the competition had beaten Ana KOKEZA (CRO), Emma BARKELING (SWE) and Rafaela SILVA (BRA), silver medallist at the last senior world championships in Paris, the victory went again to Japan with the victory of Anzu YAMAMOTO, who immobilized her opponent just before the last minute of the final. In the semi-finals, VERHAGEN defeated the Swiss Fabienne KOCHER, who later obtained a beautiful bronze medal, celebrated by the whole Swiss team. In her semi-final, the Japanese broke Zelner’s dream to take the gold, but the young Austrian was also able to take the bronze against Loredana OHAI (ROU).

Final Results

1. YAMAMOTO, Anzu (JPN), 2. VERHAGEN, Sanne (NED)
3. ZELTNER, Tina (AUT), 3. KOCHER, Fabienne (SUI)
5. ZEHIR, Tugba (TUR), 5. OHAI, Loredana (ROU)
7. KOKEZA, Ana (CRO), 7. BABCENCO, Doina (POR)

Men’s -73kg: Fourth Title for Japan

The Kazakh, Aziz KALKAMANULY, was the last to be able to take gold away from Japan on the occasion of the second day of competition at the Junior World Judo Championship, Cape Town 2011. Nevertheless, after 2 minutes, he was penalized with a shido, and 30 seconds later was heavily thrown, Ono scoring a waza-ari. KALKAMANULY could never come back to the score and for the fourth time today, Japan jumped on the highest step of the podium.

Earlier during the competition, the finalists eliminated the Korean, Hae Joo JUNG and the Israeli Sagi MUKI, who really thought that he could create the surprise by defeating Ono. The two bronze medals were won by Vladimir ZOLOEV (RUS) and Hae Joo JUNG (KOR).

Final Results

1. ONO, Shohei (JPN), 2. KALKAMANULY, Aziz (KAZ)
3. ZOLOEV, Vladimir (RUS), 3. JUNG, Hae Joo (KOR)
5. MUKI, Sagi (ISR), 5. STEWART, Max (GBR)
7. MOLLAEI, Saeid (IRI), 7. CHOKHELI, Mikheili (GEO)

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