Open World Judo Championships Tyumen

IJF News, Oct 29: The first day of the Open World Judo Championships Tyumen 2011 offered some interesting and tense fights in the Open women’s category. All the favorites qualified for the semifinals, including the Olympic champion from the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Wen TONG (China) – after 1 ippon.

The double World and defending champion from Tokyo 2010, Mika SUGIMOTO (Japan), qualified after two ippons along with the bronze medalist from the Athens Olympic Games 2004, Tea DONGUZASHVILI (Russia) – after 1 ippon.

The forth semifinalist was decided after a very tight fight, in Golden Score:  Megumi TACHIMOTO (Japan), bronze at the Open category at World Championship in 2010 in Tokyo, defeated Qian QIN (China), double silver medalist at the same competition.

The Repechages: Nanami HASHIGUCHI (Japan) won by ippon against Nataly SOKOLOVA (Russia). In the second fight, the Chinese champion Qian QIN (China) get the victory by ippon against Iryna IADKOUSKAYA (Belarus).

The Semifinals: The Olympic champion Wen TONG (China) won in the first combat by ippon (makikomi) against the Japanese Mika SUGIMOTO. The local favorite Tea DONGUZASHVILI defeated Megumi TACHIMOTO (Japan) by ippon (osaekomi) and qualified in final.

The bronze medals were won by the Japanese Nanami HASHIGUCHI and Mika SUGIMOTO. The final offered a very tense contest. The Chinese Olympic champion Wen TONG won the World title against the Russian public favorite Tea DONGUZASHVILI by ippon (makikomi into hold).

The IJF jury accorded the “Ippon award” to the Japanese Megumi TACHIMOTO, for her spectacular techniques, among them two “uchimata”, successfully applied.

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