Judo Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi 2011 – Last day and Final Results

Abu Dhabi: IJF News, Oct 19, 2011: Men’s -90kg: Great Performance for Georgia!, In the men’s -90kg, it is a nice Victory for the Georgian Varlam LIPARTELIANI, coached by the double Olympic Champion, Peter Seisenbacher (AUT), which concluded the category. After an outstanding tournament for the Swedish, Marcus NYMAN, the last step was to high for him (Judo Grand Prix Abu Dhabi).

For his first appearance in the men’s -90kg, at the international level, the Olympic Champion from Azerbaijan, Elnur MAMMADLI (normally competing in the men’s -81kg), reached the semi-final after having successively eliminated number 6 in the world ranking list, Dilshod CHORIEV (UZB), number 13, Kyu-Wo LEE (KOR), number 19, Alexandre EMOND (CAN) and Robby VAN LAARHOVEN. In his semi final, he was opposed to Marcus NYMAN (SWE) but that was too much for Mammadli. With a strong counter attack, he was projected on his back for a spectacular ippon, and only obtained the bronze medal. In the upper part of the draw, the Korean SONG eliminated the other Azerbaijan athlete in quarter final, Elnur MAMMADLI, while LIPARTELIANI (GEO) was also reaching the semi finals. The Georgian could rapidly find the solution to score ippon and to enter the final.

Final: LIPARTELIANI, Varlam (GEO) vs. NYMAN, Marcus (SWE)

Semi-Final: SONG, Dae-Nam (KOR) vs. LIPARTELIANI, Varlam (GEO) and  MAMMADLI, Elnur (AZE) vs. NYMAN, Marcus (SWE)

Final Results:

2. NYMAN, Marcus (SWE)
3. SONG, Dae-Nam (KOR)
3. MAMMADLI, Elnur (AZE)
5. MAMMADOV, Elkhan (AZE)
5. GONTIUK, Roman (UKR)
5. CHORIEV, Dilshod (UZB)

Women’s -78kg: Perfect Tournament for Joo

The final of the women’s -78kg was a very tough and tactical fight until 1 minute and 23 seconds before the final gong, when Joo scored the first waza-ari with uchi-mata. Only a few seconds later, with exactly the same technic, she scored a second major advantage and won the title of the 2011 edition of the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Prix.
Until the semi-finals, the category was dominated by Marhinde VERKERK, who eliminated the World Champion from 2010, Kayla HARRISON (USA). For a ticket to the final, she was opposed to the Japanese Sato and again she sent the Japanese back home with a perfectly executed dropped sode-tsuri-komi-goshi. The other semi-final was also a match between Asia and Europe, as Gyeong-Mi JEONG (KOR), winner of the 2011 Asian Games, and Abigel JOO (HUN), winner of the Judo Grand Prix, Baku 2011, did qualify for the last four. With a Uchi-mata up in the air, the Hungarian athlete was qualified for the final.

Final: VERKERK, Marhinde (NED) vs. JOO, Abigel (HUN)

Semi-Final: VERKERK, Marhinde (NED) vs. SATO, Ruika (JPN) and JEONG, Gyeong-Mi (KOR) vs. JOO, Abigel (HUN)

Final Results:

1. JOO, Abigel (HUN)
2. VERKERK, Marhinde (NED)
3. SATO, Ruika (JPN)
3. JEONG, Gyeong-Mi (KOR)
5. HARRISON, Kayla (USA)
5. LOUETTE, Lucie (FRA)
5. TURKS, Victoria (UKR)
5. PUREVJARGAL, Lkhamdegd (MGL)

Men’s -100kg: Grol Tired but Winner!

The final of the men’s -100kg begun under the hurrahs of the public, cheering for the Egyptian Ramadan Darwish: “Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan…” was yelling the hundreds of kids. The most dangerous attacks were done by the Egyptian, but suddenly, Grol, who was physically suffering since the beginning of the final, found a tiny opportunity to score a waza-ari on ko-uchi-gari, that he could keep until the end.

Earlier during the competition, the category was dominated by two european fighters, the European Champion and two times World silver medallist, Henk GROL (NED) and the recent winner of the World Cup, Liverpool 2011, Benjamin BEHRLA (GER), one African, Ramadan DARWISH (EGY), number 8 in the WRL, and one Asian, Tuvshinbayar NAIDAN (MGL), today only ranked 15, but still current holder of the olympic title (Beijing 2008). Having full tribunes filled up by kids from the Abu Dhabi schools, warmed up the atmosphere a lot and with the victory of DARWISH in his semi-final, the temperature couldn’t decrease, the second qualified athlete being the Olympic Bronze Medallist, Grohl, from the Netherlands.

Final: DARWISH, Ramadan (EGY) vs. GROL, Henk (NED)

Semi-Final: NAIDAN, Tuvshinbayar (MGL) vs. DARWISH, Ramadan (EGY) and GROL, Henk (NED) vs. BEHRLA, Benjamin (GER)

Final Results:

1. GROL, Henk (NED)
2. DARWISH, Ramadan (EGY)
3. NAIDAN, Tuvshinbayar (MGL)
3. BEHRLA, Benjamin (GER)
5. FABRE, Thierry (FRA)
5. MARET, Cyrille (FRA)
5. BATTULGA, Temuulen (MGL)

Women’s +78kg: No problem for IVASHCHENKO

The final of the women’s -78kg begun with a strong battle for the kumikata (judogi grip), none of the competitors being ready to be dominated. After 2:23, the French was suffering from a small injury but continued the match and the kumikata battle. It is the exact time that IVASHCHENKO chose to launch a perfect ko-uchi-gari for ippon. Judo seems to be so simple!

In the women’s +78kg, France put both its fighter into the last four of the competition, Ketty MATHE and Anne-Sophie MONDIERE, but only Ketty Mathe was able to make it through the semi-final with an easy win against KINDZERSKA. In the second semi-final, IVASHCHENKO was too strong for Mondière, who finished at the third place.

Final: MATHE, Ketty (FRA) vs. IVASHCHENKO, Elena (RUS)

Semi-Final: KINDZERSKA, Iryna (UKR) vs. MATHE, Ketty (FRA) and IVASHCHENKO, Elena (RUS) vs. MONDIERE, Anne-Sophie (FRA)

Final Results:
2. MATHE, Ketty (FRA)
3. MONDIERE, Anne-Sophie (FRA)
5. KIM, Na-Young (KOR)
5. LIU, Huanyuan (CHN)
5. KONITZ, Franziska (GER)

Men’s +100kg: Universiade Winner wins in Abu dhabi

The final of the men’s +100kg opposed the winner of the last Summer Universiade, Kim Sung-Min (KOR), and the surprise of the first half of the drow table, the Dutch Verbij, who won against World Ranked number 2, Islam El Shehaby. In the final, Kim rapidly seemed to have the superiority and he proved it with a incredible ippon scored with a o-uchi-gari in circle.

Number 2 in the World Ranking list, Islam EL SHEHABY, after a few deceptions during the last international events and specially with no medal brought home from Paris World Championships, came to Abu Dhabi to conquer a new title, in the absence of Number One in the category, Teddy Riner (FRA). In his semi-final he was opposed to Luuk VERBIJ (NED), and after the 5 minutes of regular time, both competitors had a yuko. In the golden score, El Shehaby seemed to be really tired and after a long period on ne-waza, he had to surrender, due to a leg injury. In the second half of the draw, KIM Sung-Min (KOR) and Zviad KHANJALIASHVILI (GEO), where also decided to get their ticket for the final, and exactly at the middle of the fight, Kim produced a tremendous effort to apply a superb ura-nage to the Georgian.

Final: VERBIJ, Luuk (NED) vs. KIM, Sung-Min (KOR)

Semi-Final: EL SHEHABY, Islam (EGY) vs. VERBIJ, Luuk (NED) and KIM, Sung-Min (KOR) vs. KHANJALIASHVILI, Zviad (GEO)

Final Results:

1. KIM, Sung-Min (KOR)
2. VERBIJ, Luuk (NED)
3. EL SHEHABY, Islam (EGY)
5. LIU, Jian (CHN)
5. MIKHAYLIN, Alexander (RUS)
5. TANGRIEV, Abdullo (UZB)

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