Men´s EuroFloorball Aug 29th-31st in Frederikshavn

Helsinki – Finland, August 28, 2012: The two best teams in the Men´s tournament will qualify to the EuroFloorball Cup Final Round played in Kovice, Slovakia October 10th-14th. Visit the IFF Men´s EFCQ 2012 web page!

Slevik IBK – The team has been almost the same for three years now and has improved every year. There are many good individuals and the team plays offensive floorball. Not qualifying to the EFC, would be a huge disappointment.

Players to be noted:

Jonas Gustavsen: A defender with national team experience. In the 2012 WFC Qualifications he collected 1+3 in five matches and helped Norway to win the Europe 1 WFC Qualifications.

Per Folkesson: The team captain who plays with a big heart. A forward who is a real goalscorer.

Johan Åhlberg: A laidback player with a fantastic technique. He is also a great goal scorer.

UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels – The team has won the Bundesliga 9 times since 2003 and as the reigning Champion the team is representing German Floorball. However, the team has changed a lot in the recent month an UHC is starting with one of its youngest teams. With the new Finnish head coach Hannu Santanen the team utilises EFCQ to gain experience and is ready to surprise.

Players to be noted:

Sascha Herlt: one of the top scorers in the German league last season. He proved international competitiveness with the U19 at the U19 WFC 2011.

Mathias Siede: one of the key players with great technical skills.

Sebastian Bernieck: a player who just returned to his original club after two seasons in the Swiss League with Chur Unihockey.

HDM – The Dutch team is an international team with lots of experienced player. The team can still be considered the challenger of these EFC Qualification.

Players to be noted:

Gustav Le Juge: An experienced defender born in Sweden who has won the European Cup in the 90´s.

Johan Lim: One of the best scorers of all time in Dutch floorball. He is also an experienced player and this will be his 4th EFC Qualification tournament.

Kevin Miedema: A young rookie of the HDM team (born 1992), who can surprise the opponents with his speed on the field.

Lyon FC – French champion for the first time in 6 years. The players are all competitors and the Pirates never give up…

Players to be noted:

Josselin Debraux: Captain during this EFC, he is a French national team player. Best player of the French championship final.

Christophe Bruyas: Oldest player of the team with 18 years of floorball and one of the best defenders in France. French national team player during several years and will be difficult to pass him. He is “the experience”.

Tiuna Russo-Mendoza: Best forward of the team. Never gives up and the player who scored the winning goal during the French championship final.

EuroFloorball Cup Women´s Qualifications 2012, 31st August – 2nd September 2012, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Women´s EFCQ team presentations

The two best teams of the Women´s tournament will qualify to the EuroFloorball Cup Final Round. The EFC Final Round is played 10.-14.10.2012 in Kosice, Slovakia.

FC Outlaws (DEN)

Nauka-Trevelstroy (RUS)

UC Face Off (NED)

Match schedule

31.08. 10:00

Group A FC Outlaws – UC Face Off

31.08. 18:15

Group A Nauka-Trevelstroy – FC Outlaws

01.09. 10:00

Group A UC Face Off – Nauka-Trevelstroy

01.09. 18:00

Group A UC Face Off – FC Outlaws

02.09. 09:00

Group A Nauka-Trevelstroy – UC Face Off

02.09. 15:00

Group A FC Outlaws – Nauka-Trevelstroy. —- IFF

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