31st Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships

31st Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships
Montpellier (FRA) / September 19 – 25, 2011

The FIG has authorized the Department of Endocrinology at the University of Montpellier (FRA) to conduct research on the physical and biological maturation of high-level gymnasts during their sojourn at world championship events. FIG opinion is that this research is vital to understanding how to better cater to the physical, technical and medical needs of our athletes.

For this reason, each federation will be encouraged to collaborate by authorizing their gymnasts to participate. Strict guidelines will govern each examination in accordance with the FIG medical regulations “Medical organization of competitions, article 7 of the research programme”. All studies will respect the following:

• Permission from the delegation head;
• permission from the athlete;
• brief examinations that in no way disrupt either training or competition times;
• non-invasive examinations carried out with respect and discretion;
• painless exams;
• full result anonymity.

Results will be published within six months following the exams, and every nation having participated will receive a copy. Heads of delegations will be given a contact number of either a programme official or a FIG physician for any questions they might have.

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