FITA – International Archery Federation

The International Archery Federation (FITA) was founded in 1931 at a meeting in Lwow, Poland. Seven founding nations were present : France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, the United States and the former Czechoslovakia. The head office for FITA is in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2005, Prof Dr Ugur ERDENER (TUR) was elected president. Dr ERDENER is also an IOC Member and the President of the National Olympic Committee in Turkey.

According to its Constitution, FITA’s main objective is “to promote and encourage archery throughout the world in conformity with the Olympic principles.” FITA makes and interprets the FITA Rules ; supervises the organization of World Championships and other international competitions ; and promotes archery through the media and sponsors.

Archery was part of the Olympic Movement from 1900–1920 and has been permanently a part of Olympic Games since 1972, when the IOC returned the elegant sport of archery to the Olympic program. Women competed in the 1904 Olympics, making archery one of the first sports competitions to include women. In 1961, FITA became the first International Sports Federation to elect a woman president. FITA has held World Championships since 1931. Since 1991, FITA has included eight disciplines.

In 2006, FITA started the Archery World Cup — staging intense competitions in spectacular places. In 2009, FITA launched the forward-focused World Archery brand, to represent the sport of archery to both sports enthusiasts and the worldwide market beyond the archery family, promoting archery at every level with enthusiasm and passion.

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