Final results of 2012 ITF super Umag & Novigrad

Umag and Novigrad, Croatia, Sept 16, 2012: Please find below the final results from the 2012 ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships in Umag and Novigrad, Croatia after the second and last day of finals, now including the Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) and Queens’ Cup (Women’s 75) played today in Novigrad. 186 teams from 35 countries competed in ten age categories from 60-and-over to 80-and-over. The ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships are taking place at the same venues at Umag next week.




Von Cramm Cup (Men’s 60)

USA defeated France 2-1:

Alain Vaysset (FRA) d. Paul Wulf (USA) 76(5) 60

Larry Turville (USA) d. Bruno Renoult (FRA) 63 64

Larry Turville/Tony Dawson (USA) d. Bruno Renoult/Xavier Lemoine (FRA) 60 62

Britannia Cup (Men’s 65)

USA defeated Spain 2-1:

Armistead Neely (USA) d. Luis Flor de la Morena (ESP) 50 ret.

Jorge Camina Borda (ESP) d. Brian Cheney (USA) 63 60

Brian Cheney/Richard Johnson (USA) d. Jorge Camina Borda/Jairo Velasco (ESP) 26 63 75

Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70)

Austria defeated USA 2-1:

Giorgio Rohrich (ITA) d. Herbert Petter (AUT) 61 62

Peter Pokorny (AUT) d. Vittorio Monaco (ITA) 64 63

Hans Gradischnig/Peter Pokorny (AUT) d. Giancarlo Milesi/Vittorio Monaco (ITA) 63 60

Bitsy Grant Cup (Men’s 75)

USA defeated Germany 2-1:

Klaus Fuhrmann (GER) d. Herman Ahlers (USA) 75 46 63

Lester Sack (USA) d. Silvio Linzbauer (GER) 64 64

Lester Sack/Lawrence Sears (USA) d. Klaus Fuhrmann/Folker Seemann (GER) 64 62

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (Men’s 80)

USA defeated Canada 2-1:

George McCabe (USA) d. Kenneth Sinclair (CAN) 60 61

Lorne Main (CAN) d. John Powless (USA) 63 75

John McCabe/John Powless (USA) d. Lorne Main/Kenneth Sinclair (CAN) 36 62 64


Alice Marble Cup (Women’s 60)

USA defeated Netherlands 3-0:

Mary Ginnard (USA) d. Heleen Janssen-Prins (NED) 61 64

Tina Karwaski (USA) d. Nora Blom (NED) 64 46 75

Martha Downing/Toni Novack (USA) d. Carola Muller van Moppes/Nora Blom (NED) 64 63

Kitty Godfree Cup (Women’s 65)

France defeated USA 2-1:

Sylvie Galfard-Kirsten (FRA) d. Carole Clay (USA) 76(2) 57 64

Gail Benedetti (FRA) d. Brenda Carter (USA) 60 64

Leslie Pixley/Betty Wachob (USA) d. Michele Bichon/Laurence Goulard (FRA) 62 75

Althea Gibson Cup (Women’s 70)

USA defeated Australia 3-0:

Catherine Anderson (USA) d. Margaret Wayte (AUS) 61 63

Donna Fales (USA) d. Judy Hancy (AUS) 60 61

Catherine Anderson/Donna Fales (USA) d. Helen Muir/Linda Pengelly (AUS) 61 62

Queens’ Cup (Women’s 75)

USA defeated Germany 2-0:

Dori DeVries (USA) d. Elisabeth van Boemmel (GER) 64 63

Dorothy Matthiessen (USA) d. Brigitte Jung (GER) 75 57 62

Doris Hart Cup (Women’s 80)

Canada defeated USA 2-1:

Huguette Fontaine (CAN) d. Doris Jane Lutz (USA) 61 16 63

Rosemarie Asch (CAN) d. Lucille Kyvallos (USA) 63 62

Lucille Kyvallos/Margaret Canby (USA) d. Rosemarie Asch/Huguette Fontaine (CAN) 64 76(2). —- ITF

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