Final results of ITF Super-Seniors WTC, Turkey 2011.

ITF Press Release Oct 16, 2011: Please find below the final results from the 2011 ITF Super Seniors WTC World Team C’ships in Antalya, Turkey. One hundred and forty-eight teams from 27 countries competed in ten age categories from 60-and-over to 80-and-over. The ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships are taking place at the same venue this week.

MEN’S EVENTS: Von Cramm Cup (Men’s 60)
USA defeated Australia 2-1:
Brian Cheney (USA) d. Ray Bray (AUS) 46 62 64
Andrew Rae (AUS) d. Larry Turville (USA) 62 61
Tony Dawson/Paul Wulf (USA) d. Max Bates/Andrew Rae (AUS) 64 62

Britannia Cup (Men’s 65)
USA defeated France 2-1:
Michel Berges (FRA) d. Hugh Thomson (USA) 64 46 75
Jimmy Parker (USA) d. Francois Pierson (FRA) 60 75
Charles Hoeveler/Hugh Thomson(USA) d. Patrice Beust/Francois Pierson (FRA) 76(4) 26 76(3)

Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70)
Italy defeated Austria 2-1:
Giorgio Enio Rohrich (ITA) d. Peter Kruck (AUT) 62 61
Giancarlo Milesi (ITA) d. Peter Pokorny (AUT) 62 75
Peter Pokorny/Hans Gradischnig (AUT) d. Vittorio Monaco/Giovanni Argentini  (ITA) 16 62 64

Bitsy Grant Cup (Men’s 75)
USA defeated Australia 3-0:
Herman Ahlers (USA) d. Alan Hocking (AUS) 60 60
King Van Nostrand (USA) d. Peter Froelich (AUS) 61 76(5)
Jack Powless/Lester Sack (USA) d. Alan Hocking/Ray Woodforde (AUS) 62 62

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (Men’s 80)
USA defeated France 3-0:
George McCabe (USA) d. Maurice Jamois (FRA) 60 60
Russell Seymour (USA) d. Henri Crutchet (FRA) 76(1) 62
John Bradshaw/George Mccabe (USA) d. Henri Crutchet/Maurice Jamois (FRA) 75 61


Alice Marble Cup (Women’s 60)
USA defeated France 3-0:
Martha Downing (USA) d. Andree De Goul Saint Jean (FRA) 60 61
Kerry Young (USA) d. Nicole Hesse-Cazaux (FRA) 61 64
Carol Clay/Molly Hahn (USA) d. Francoise Achard/ Nicole Hesse-Cazaux (FRA) 61 63

Kitty Godfree Cup (Women’s 65)
France defeated Great Britain 2-1:
Michele Bichon (FRA) d. Christine Lockhart (GBR) 26 64 75
Gail Benedetti  (FRA) d. Frances Maclennan (GBR) 60 46 62
Jacky Boothman/Jenny Waggott(GBR) d. Sylvie Galfard-Kirsten/Evelyne Terras (USA) 26 61 76(3)

Althea Gibson Cup (Women’ 70)
USA defeated Germany 3-0:
Suella Steel (USA) d. Annetraud Bauwens (GER) 60 60
Charleen Hillebrand (USA) d. Siegrun Fuhrmann (GER) 63 60
Susanne Clark/Sheila Weinstock (USA) d. Siegrun Fuhrmann/Nanda Fischer (GER) 16 64 63

Queen’s Cup (Women’s 75)
USA defeated Great Britain 2-0:
Dori De Vries (USA) d. Gill Thompson (GBR) 60 60
Dorothy Matthiessen (USA) d. Alma Acourt (GBR) 64 61

Doris Hart Cup (Women’s 80)
Canada defeated Great Britain 2-1:
Rosemarie Asch (CAN) d. Betty Howard (GBR) 64 61
Ruth Illingworth (GBR) d. Huguette Fontaine (CAN) 62 60
Rosemarie Asch/Huguette Fontaine (CAN) d. Ruth Illingworth/Cynthia Smith (GBR) 63 63

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