Less than 10 Days to go to Budapest 2017

Lausanne, July 5, 2017: With just 9 days to go today to the FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, FINA is pleased to announce that about 2 300 athletes from over 180 NF (registration deadline is today) will be taking part in this 17th edition of FINA’s showcase event (FINA World Championships Budapest 2017).

On Friday July 14 at 9pm, spectators will be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular shows in the history of the FINA World Championships and Hungary by attending the Opening Ceremony, of what will be a true celebration of FINA’s six disciplines over a two-week period.

A 3000m large stage, 2000 costumes, 40 drones and 510 artists are only a few of the elements that will animate the show to be staged at the heart of Hungary’s capital city, by the historical Chain Bridge.

Nearly 220 volunteers and young sportsmen and women are also taking part in this big show, which will host national artists such as Peter Eotvos, Agnes Herczku, or Gergely Bogany.

Internationally renowned songwriter and superstar Emeli Sande is also expected to come on stage for the occasion.

The Opening Ceremony will showcase Hungary’s unique cultural and sports heritage, as well as Budapest’s iconic buildings, bringing breath-taking scenes for all the spectators on-site and watching on TV from the comfort of their home or following the spectacle from the Budapest 2017 Aquatics Fan Parks, located on Margarethe Island, at the Duna Arena and on the Danube banks.

“The FINA World Championships is one of the four biggest and most prestigious sports events in the world. Hungary is very proud and honoured to organise this event, which prove the country’s success in terms of sports diplomacy on the international stage.”

“However it could not have come true without our remarkable athletes whose international reputation contributed to this huge opportunity for Budapest and Balatonfured.”

“The upcoming Opening Ceremony is a celebration of their success”- said Eva Szanto, Managing Director of Bp2017.

She added: “We want to sincerely thank all artists, organisers, technicians and volunteers who dedicated themselves to the organisation of this monumental performance.

Their high working standards and the exceptional cooperation were key in the whole preparation process.”

For the occasion FINA has launched a dedicated home page on the FINA website where key information such as day by day schedule, results, medals table, photo galleries, videos and daily news reports about the World Championships will be available and updated in real time. Check it out here!

Just days after the conclusion of the biggest Aquatic event on the 2017 calendar, the FINA World Masters Championships will kick-off on August 7 until August 20. Almost 9 500 amateur athletes have registered to take part in the event. —- FINA

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