1st Teqball World Cup 2017 – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, June 26, 2017: The 1st Teqball World Cup, held recently in Budapest, Hungary by the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) between the 22nd – 25th June 2017 was a huge success. Teams and delegates representing 20 countries participated in the singles and doubles championships.

Special guests included footballing legends, Willam Gallas (image below) and Nwankwo Kanu who also kindly and enthusiastically participated in a Gala indoor football game, which was just one of the highlights of a spectacular Finals evening, full of exciting and high-quality show programs.

The aims of FITEQ (Fédération Internationale de Teqball) are to make Teqball globally well-known, to create championship systems for amateurs and professionals and to create an academy system for future generations of Teqball players. (Image below: Tunde Szabo, Secretary of State for Sports of the Ministry of Human Resources)

A quote from legendary player Kanu summed up his opinion and appreciation of this innovative and exciting new sport: ”Teqball contains every basic element required for football”. William Gallas also commented that: ‘’ If we had a Teqball table in our time, I believe we could have developed our skills to a higher level and achieved even more success’’.

The result of the singles championship:

1. Ádám Blázsovics (Hungary)

2. Máté Szolga (Hungary)

3. Zsolt Lázár (Romania)

The result of the doubles championship:

1. Romania

2. Hungary

3. Serbia

Participant countries:

1. Bangladesh

2. Brasil

3. Canada

4. China

5. England

6. Finland

7. France

8. Greece

9. Hungary

10. Japan

11. Luxembourg

12. Malta

13. Mexico

14. Morocco

15. Netherlands

16. Poland

17. Portugal

18. Romania

19. Serbia

20. Spain. —- International Teqball Federation

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