CAS Rules In Favour Of FIBA Europe

Munich – Germany, April 11, 2013: The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne ruled in favour of FIBA Europe, rejecting a motion by a number of its federations to bring forward elections for a new Board last year.

According to the CAS ruling Europe’s governing basketball body acted within the legal framework of its own bylaws during the FIBA Europe General Assembly in May 2012, when it rejected a proposal for an extraordinary General Assembly to be called with the election of a new Board as the single item on the agenda.

Twenty Federations who did not agree with that decision took their appeal to CAS, which is an international arbitration body set up in order to settle disputes in sport.

In the original hearing of the case “Lithuania Basketball Federation et al vs. FIBA Europe” in Lausanne last January, CAS had asked both sides to work towards a mutually satisfying solution but when that effort reached an impasse CAS proposed an own settlement to the two parties.

That was accepted immediately by FIBA Europe but was rejected by the appellants, leading to Wednesday’s ruling. —- FIBA Europe

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