Brian Lewis to run for TTOC President

Trinidad and Tobago, March 25, 2013: Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee Secretary General Brian Lewis is throwing his hat into the ring for the Committee’s upcoming presidential elections on April 24. Lewis has served the Olympic Committee since being elected to its executive committee in 1997, and has served as secretary general for the last two terms, or eight years.

Lewis issued a media release on Saturday detailing the reasons for his decisions, which he explained as “not an easy” one, but one made due to his “firm conviction”.

Said Lewis: “I have given long and thoughtful consideration to this decision and, after serving on the TTOC executive committee for 17 years, (and) the last eight years as secretary general, I am confident that I possess the requisite vision, attributes, knowledge, integrity, and experience to lead the TTOC and the T&T Olympic movement.”

According to Lewis, his experience, enthusiasm and commitment to the philosphy of Olympism and its goals have grown sufficiently for him to lead the TTOC.

“Having worked very closely with my colleagues on the TTOC executive during these years, I have developed the strategic insight and understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the TTOC and the Olympic movement and, I daresay, I feel well-equipped to lead the team that will take the TTOC forward.”

He also pointed to the progress made by the last two TTOC presidents, incumbent Larry Romany—who is completing his maximum second term as TTOC head—and Romany’s predecessor, T&T Hockey Board (TTHB) president Douglas Camacho.

Lewis believes T&T sport is currently facing “myriad challenges”, and feels his belief in the Olympic ideals can serve him well as TTOC head.

“…I would now like to take the baton and run with it, with a great sense of purpose for the benefit of the TTOC, its members and affiliates, and sport in general in Trinidad and Tobago,” the statement read. —- By TEN

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