Rio celebrates the Paralympic Flag handover

London, UK: Sept 9, 2012: During this evening’s London 2012 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, Rio 2016™ celebrated the handover of the Paralympic Flag from London to Rio de Janeiro with an eight minute presentation that focussed on the concept of ‘joy’ – promoting the themes of cultural diversity, harmony and contagious energy.

Rio 2016’s™ Paralympic Games presentation, conducted after the Paralympic Flag was handed from London Mayor Boris Johnson to Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, was introduced by a 44 second film on the show’s main concept ‘Alegria’ [meaning ‘Joy’] which captured a series of images of Brazilian Paralympic athletes.

The main element of Rio 2016’s™ show then involved three ‘dance battles’ and three distinctive musical performances. The ‘dance battles’ were inspired by a cultural phenomenon known as ‘Funk do Passinho’ – an updated blend of American break-dance and Brazilian rhythms which has spread around the Rio favelas and other communities of the city.

The competition between the ‘dancing crews’ inspired the other two ‘battles’ that took place this evening involving popular Brazilian regional dances: Parafuso, Frevo, Samba, Capoeira and a European inspired dance, classical ballet. The ‘dance battles’ celebrated the diversity of the different Brazilian cultures and how they fuse together to create stronger, better communities.

The musical performances in between the ‘dance battles’ brought to London three very popular Brazilian musical stars: Carlinhos Brown, Os Paralamas do Sucesso and Thalma de Freitas.

The climax of Rio 2016’s™ presentation was Thalma de Freitas’s performance of É Hoje with Carlinhos Brown, dressed as the iconic Carioca figure, Carmen Miranda. Brazilian Paralympic athletes, Daniel Dias and Adria Santos, then entered the stage to unveil to the audience the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games logo – with an invitation to the world to come and have a great time in Rio in four years’ time.

Cao Hamburger and Daniela Thomas were the show’s artistic directors, Abel Gomes was responsible for creative supervision, and Marco Balich was the executive producer.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of Rio 2016™, said: “It makes everyone in Rio and Brazil very proud to receive the Paralympic Flag from our friends here in London. With our presentation in the London 2012 Paralympic Closing Ceremony, we have given a taste of how the Games in Rio in 2016 will be a joyful experience for the world.

“We will ensure the great work here in London to promote inclusivity, accessibility and the great sport of the Paralympic Games will continue in Rio.” —- By Sujit Jasani/Verocom

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