Precious Advice from Bid Workshop in Lausanne

Precious Advice from Bid Workshop in Lausanne

Amelia Fisher-Starzynski, Paris, Nov 26, 2016: A Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid Committee delegation attended an IOC Candidate City Bid Workshop in Lausanne on Friday to discuss the key themes of the Candidature File Part 3 ahead of its delivery on 3 February next year.

The delegation, led by Paris 2024 Bid Chief Executive Etienne Thobois, spent a full day with the IOC Candidate City team to be briefed and fed advice on the key points for each aspect of volume 3 of the Bid Book.

The technical workshop, dedicated to Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy, was also a great opportunity for Paris 2024 to share some of their plans and ideas with the IOC. That enabled the bid to gain great feedback from a team of very experienced IOC experts, who offered useful insight on Games services and operations such as athlete experience, transport, accommodation, security, venue legacy and sustainability that will allow Paris 2024 to further fine tune its plans.

Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024 Chief Executive, said:

“We are so grateful to the IOC for inviting us to attend today’s workshop in Lausanne, which has enabled us to benefit from the wealth of experience that the IOC has gained over the years. Today, we were able to get some feedback about the main features of our Games plan which gave us great confidence about the many assets and very robust character of our project. We feel we are firmly on track ahead of the delivery of the Candidature File Part 3 in February next year.

“We are even more confident that our commitment to deliver Games of Passion and Purpose is perfectly aligned with the IOC’s vision and the Olympic Agenda 2020. Our fully guaranteed Games plan in the heart of a modern global City will ensure an outstanding experience for all, starting with the athletes and the fans. This passionate celebration of sport at the heart of the City of Light will also deliver real and lasting legacy, both tangible and intangible. This is so important to us and to the IOC.”

“Today’s workshop, together with the Official Debrief of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Tokyo next week, will allow us to fine tune our final bid book submission and enter the next phase of the campaign in very good shape and with great enthusiasm.”

Anthony Piqueras, Paris 2024 Technical Director, said:
“Coming a few weeks before the submission of the third and final bid book, this workshop will help us to fine tune the Paris 2024 technical project. The very positive comments expressed today on our very compact Games plans, as well as the great feedback received after the International Federations’ visits in Paris, show how Paris 2024 is ready to deliver a second to none experience for all stakeholders. This workshop was a great opportunity to underline our strengths.”

Marie Barsacq, Paris 2024 Impact and Legacy Director, said:
“This workshop has been particularly productive as legacy and sustainability are at the very heart of our project. With 95% of our venues either pre-existing or temporary, we are in the perfect position to use the eight years ahead of 2024 to focus on issues supporting social development such as education, accessibility and health. Our vision for Paris 2024 is fully aligned with Olympic Agenda 2020 and has been reinforced by IOC comments.”

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