Patrick Hickey arrested by Brazilian police

Rio de Janiero, Aug 17, 2016: Patrick Hickey arrested, Sensation in Rio de Janeiro. The 13th day of the Games, the Olympic atmosphere was shaken by a case that the IOC could have done: Patrick Hickey (pictured), a member of its Executive Committee, President of the Association of European Olympic Committees (EOC), was arrested by Brazilian police at his hotel. He is accused of belonging to an illegal ticket sales network for the 2016 Olympics a case that questioned the integrity of some IOC members.

The police said in a statement: “An arrest warrant and to capture the Irishman Patrick Joseph Hickey” was issued. It announced last Monday it launched four arrest warrants against the Briton Marcus Evans, chairman of Ipswich football club (second division English), Irishman Patrick Gilmore, Dutchman Maarten Van Os and Englishman Martin Studd . Patrick Hickey, 71, has been added to the list. It would ease the “leak” notes the Irish Olympic Committee to British retailers.

According to the website of the newspaper Globo , the Irish leader would have discomfort when arrested, led by a police squad shortly after 7:00 Wednesday morning. He was transported to the Hospital Samaritano, in Barra da Tijuca. Irish Olympic Committee said in a statement that Patrick Hickey would remain 24 hours for observation, “because of its past heart. “

Ricardo Barbosa, the investigator of the Brazilian police, explained during a press conference on Wednesday that police had gone to the room of Patrick Hickey. He was not, despite the early hour. His wife, only on the premises, ensured not know where her husband was. But the police found on site accreditation, shoes and bag. Patrick Hickey was discovered a few minutes later in his son’s room.

Patrick Hickey and the other four “suspects” are accused of selling tickets for the Rio Games at a very high price, having recovered unlawfully from official dealers authorized by the Irish Olympic Committee. An organization Patrick Hickey is President since 1989.

Last week, Brazilian police announced the arrest of an Irishman Kevin James Mallon, and a dozen Brazilians involved in a traffic ticket. Kevin James Mallon is one of the leaders of the British company THG. Police reportedly seized 781 tickets as well, “sold at very high prices.” For the opening ceremony, Friday, August 5, a ticket was offered 8000 dollars, about 7200 euros, while the highest official price was 1,300 dollars (1,200 euros).

According to the Brazilian police, this lucrative traffic would have earned about $ 3 million.

“We are currently trying to establish the facts,” responded the IOC in a statement. Mark Adams, IOC Port-speech, explained that the Olympic organization “work of total way with the investigation, if there is one.” He also assured not to know the nature of the charges against Patrick Hickey.

Irish Olympic Committee has indicated in a statement released in the day Wednesday, Patrick Hickey had decided to put its different functions in brackets the time of the survey.

He temporarily abandons its role of IOC member and also president of the EOC and Vice President of ANOC. —- FrancsJeux

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