FIG online Photo Contest, winners are revealed!

London – North Greenwich Arena, July 31, 2012: Photo Contest, The impact of the photo competition launched by the FIG on its Facebook page has surpassed all expectations. Over 650 pictures have been registered and put before a jury composed of FIG Media Staff, under the supervision of Olympic champion Nastia Liukin. The winners, eight in total, will receive tickets to watch the Olympic competition during the period from July 29 to August 7 – with a winner for each day.

The publication of results has prompted a rare excitement among the beneficiaries who have rubbed their hands and rushed, in the vast majority of cases, to their travel agent to book a flight to the Olympic city!

The lucky winners are the following:

Bitschi Gernot; Pia Mohr (unavailable to profit, she passed her spoils on to Mark Graff); Aleksandra Dudek; Wissem Herzi; Rachel Wolf; Udi Willner; Wesley Chirima and Franco Renan. They will come to London from places as diverse as Poland, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Germany and Austria!

At the venue, the FIG Media Staff will be waiting to give them their ticket to the big show – together with the traditional souvenir photo to be displayed on the FIG site!

Picture: Another winner, Pia Mohr, has kindly offered his tickets to Mark Graff, a gym fan who was already on site. That’s all for the gifts, we wait to meet our first winner, Aleksandra Dudek, in person tomorrow. —- FIG Media Office

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