For now, Rome 2024 adventure continues

France, Aug 30, 2016: False alarm. Announced for the morning of Monday 29 August, announcing the end of the application of the Rome 2024 Games did not take place. But the Italian Olympic project still looks forward to a very unstable ground. Virginia Raggi, the mayor of the capital, has not said no, but reserves remain.

The leader of the Movement 5 Star was supposed to speak on the record 2024 Rome Monday during a visit to the City Hall of the Italian Paralympic delegation before leaving for the Rio 2016 Games (7 to 18 September). She did it. But his words still leave a chance to the bid team to continue the adventure.

“In September, after the summer, we will tell Gianni Malago (CONI President and co-leader of the bid committee) what we think about Rome 2024, said Virginia Raggi, quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport . Think first municipal facilities abandoned and sport in schools. It is from these facilities that we have to start rebuilding the sport. The Olympics is a great moment of sport, but one is not born Olympic, one becomes one. “

The Games are not a priority for the mayor of Rome. Until then, nothing new. She had repeated during his campaign. She keeps the trumpeting. With an accumulated debt of 13 billion euros, the capital does not need an Olympic project. “Of the 13 billion debt of the city, a billion is related to the 1960 Games And we have not finished paying last year’s World invoice 90. Make Auditors, she said on Sunday last on the occasion of the feast of the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano .

One question remains: why Virginia Raggi not she now puts an end to the adventure? She has the opportunity. And it seems to have also envy. A force to repel his decision, his hostility becomes suspect. In Italy, he said that the Italian lawyer seeking to use the application as a lever to get Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister, very committed to the project of Rome 224 (he was present at the Rio Games), a re- debt negotiation.

Meanwhile, the Rome team continues to campaign. It will do so at least until September. With a head dated October 7, 2016. The candidate cities must submit no later that day to the IOC the second part of their case. The Italian application should have won by then the support and signature of Virginia Raggi.

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