Klishina excluded pirated Stepanova

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 13, 2016: Klishina excluded pirated Stepanova, On the ninth day of the Games, Russia was hoping not to be noticed by the only performance of its athletes in Rio de Janeiro. It missed. One after the red lights lit up twice in front of his name. Two cases that challenge the Russian athletics in front of the media scene.

The most unexpected concerns Darya Klishina (top photo). Long jumper was the only athlete from his country to participate in athletics. She had been the only declared eligible by the IAAF after the exclusion of the Russian Federation. The only one to make the trip to Rio de Janeiro with a competitor of accreditation in her bag. An exception made possible by his expatriation to the United States in the state of Florida since 2013.

But information fell early Saturday afternoon Darya Klishina was excluded from the Rio de Janeiro Games even before he opened the door to the Olympic Stadium. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) confirmed that the woman had seized his ad hoc chamber, based in Rio during the Games, to challenge the decision of the IAAF decision yesterday, Friday 12 August, no longer recognize athlete to be eligible to participate in the Olympics.

At this stage, the reasons remain unclear, but according to several sources, it appears that Darya Klishina was quoted in the report McLaren.

The president of the Russian Athletics Federation, Dmitri Chliakhtine, confirmed the exclusion of the athlete TASS:

“We have had confirmation from sources in Rio de Janeiro that Dasha was suspended at the last minute . “

According to the newspaper Sovetsky Sport , the IAAF has decided to focus once again on Saturday, August 6 Klishina folder. A further review would have revealed additional information. The IAAF had offered to long jumper to give his own explanation to the facts about the McLaren contained in the report. The Russian athlete would have done before August 8. But we must believe that his explanations were not found convincing. Wednesday, August 10, the IAAF has decided to reconsider its decision and to exclude Darya Klishina the Rio Games.

The other case, a few hours earlier, depicts the Russian whistle blower Yuliya Stepanova, originally revelations about doping in his country. His account was hacked into the computer system of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). “Words Yuliya Stepanova password in the administration system ADAMS WADA were illegally obtained, which allowed someone to access his ADAMS account,” said WADA.

ADAMS allows athletes to enter remote information, including their location. WADA said, Saturday, August 13, that the account of the Russian athlete had since been locked. —- FrancsJeux

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