ITU President, Marisol Casado, appointed for the Los Angeles 2028 IOC Coordination Commission

Lausanne, May 16, 2019: ITU is pleased to announce that President and IOC member ITU President Marisol Casado has been appointed by the President of the IOC as member of the Coordination Commission for the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad Los Angeles 2028.

Ms. Casado is also an active member of another four IOC Commissions, and has just recently been elected Council member of ASOIF.

“I am extremely proud and excited about this new appointment.

As a former member of the Buenos Aires YOG Coordination Commission, and a member of the Paris 2024 Commission.

I know of the extreme importance and responsibility on my side to ensure that the voice of the International Federations, and our athletes, hears and taken into consideration in these events, therefore is great to continue in that path to make sure that the LA Games will be, for sure, a fantastic event with the athletes at the core of everyone’s plans”, said Casado after the nomination.

Casado appointed “considering in particular expertise, gender balance and continental representation”.

She is also a member of the Coordination Commission of the Paris 2024 Games; Women in Sport Commission; Olympic Solidarity Commission and Public Affairs and Social Development through sport Commission.

“I am also really proud of seeing that the number of female presence in the IOC commissions has significantly increased in the last couple of years, and we have more women as Chairs as we’ve ever had”, said ITU President Marisol Casado.

“I want to thank Thomas Bach, and all the IOC, for their continuos support on the gender balance initiatives, and for proving that is not just a matter of announcing measures, but actually implementing these.

And I want to extend my most sincere congratulations to all the newly elected or renovated members of the different Commissions, we have a great responsibility but also a fantastic job ahead of us”, she said.

The International Olympic Committee announced the composition of its commissions for 2019, marked by further growth in the female membership, three additional female chairs and a significant increase in young change-makers’ participation.

With 45.4 per cent of the positions across its 27 commissions now occupied by women – a historic high – the IOC continues its advance towards gender equality.

Since 2013, as a result of Olympic Agenda 2020, female participation in the IOC commissions has more than doubled. In addition, three more IOC commissions now chaired by women.

“Gender equality, both on and off the field of play, one of the key focus areas of Olympic Agenda 2020,” said President Thomas Bach.

“With the number of female athletes participating at the Olympic Games, we are practically there for Tokyo 2020.

Off the field of play, we will continue our efforts, but we are very proud of having reached such strong female and youth participation in a very short time.”

Along with gender equality, youth representation in its commissions has been another priority for the IOC.

Honouring his commitment made during the Youth Summit in Tokyo last December, IOC President Thomas Bach has increased the positions held by Young Change-Makers* (YCMs) across the IOC commissions, from 7 in 2018 to 16 in 2019.

“It is crucial to give a voice to young people if we want to stay relevant,” said President Bach.

“Last October, over 100 Young Change-Makers took part in the Olympism in Action Forum and brought a youthful perspective on how to make a better world through sport.

Their level of commitment in their respective communities across the world is an inspiration for all of us. By empowering tomorrow’s leaders, we give them the opportunity to shape their future”, he added.

Another highlight of the announcement is the composition of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028. It will chair by Nicole Hoevertsz, IOC Member in Aruba and a member of the IOC Executive Board.

A former synchronised swimmer who competed at the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984, Hoevertsz has also appointed Vice-Chair of the Coordination Commission for Paris 2024, thus strengthening the close collaboration and sharing of best practices between the two Organising Committees and the two cities, following the double allocation of the Olympic Games 2024 and 2028. —- ITU

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