“Made For Sharing”: Paris 2024 kicks off international campaign

“Made For Sharing”: Paris 2024 kicks off international campaign

By Amelia Fisher-Starzynski, Paris, Feb 3, 2017: international campaign, Paris 2024 presents its concept for a spectacular Games: a celebration of sport at the heart of a global city to be shared with everyone, everywhere. Games of Passion and Purpose.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralymic Bid Organising Committee has today unveiled its strapline “Made For Sharing”. The phrase reflects Paris 2024’s vision to celebrate sport at the heart of a global city, sharing the passion of the Games and the purpose of Olympism.

“Made For Sharing” was beamed onto Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower in an exciting, never-before seen light show. For one night, the world’s most recognised monument reflected the bid logo and strapline to signal that Paris 2024 is ready to take the bid on the road to Lima, Peru, when the host city for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be chosen.

The event saw the Paris 2024 bid team, top athletes and political leaders as well as more than 130 French and international media gather to mark the launch of the international campaign to bring the Games back to the French capital for the first time in 100 years. From this moment on, Paris 2024 is more engaged than ever to share its vision for the Games.

Sharing is a part of the Paris 2024 DNA. From building the project through public consultation across society, to the bid’s vision for how the Games will be brought to life in 2024. As the world gradually becomes more sustainable, Paris 2024 believes the concept of sharing is a key element for a better life. More than any other city, Paris has a deeply rooted culture of sharing. It is the world’s sharing capital and the most shared city on social media.

Paris 2024 Bid Co-Chairmen Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset were joined at the event by children from Saint Denis, the area in Greater Paris which has the youngest population in France and where the Olympic Village and a new Olympic Aquatics Centre will be based and left as a legacy for the population. At the moment of the reveal, Estanguet and the children came together to hit the switch and beam “Made For Sharing” onto the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking about the international strapline, Paris 2024 Bid Co-Chairman, Tony Estanguet, said:

“’Made For Sharing’ shows that Paris is a city ready to welcome the world. We want to use the Games to break barriers and build bridges of understanding between communities and nations. We believe Paris’ openness to the world, to sport and Olympism and our unique concept for sport and celebration provides us with a very good opportunity for 2024.

“We want to share the passion and purpose of the Games and the beauty of our city in 2024. Young people have made sharing a way of life, all with the aim of building a fairer, more sustainable and more human world of exchange and progress. This is the mindset that led Paris 2024 to adopt Made For Sharing as its international bid strapline.”

Paris 2024 Bid Co-Chairman, Bernard Lapasset, said:

“From the beginning of this bid we made it known that it would only be successful if we conceived it together, sharing ideas and responsibilities with all our stakeholders. So, looking back to the beginning of this adventure a few years ago and seeing Paris 2024 now as a solid project is just amazing, very gratifying. It was built together with the French society. Now it is time to take it on the road and share it with the sports movement worldwide. We are very excited to begin this new adventure: our road to Lima”.

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said:

“Sharing is a defining characteristic of our city and sharing – particularly among young people – is helping to shape the world we live in today and already starting to shape the society of tomorrow. Paris, more than any other city, has embraced this culture of sharing and connection.

“Through its leadership in the sharing economy and social business innovation, it has earned the status of the world’s ‘Capital of Sharing.’ Today, the world’s most shared city on social media is dreaming of welcoming the world to a unique celebration of Olympism, which is open to everyone.”

Marie-Amélie Le Fur, triple Paralympic gold medallist, added:

“The inclusive approach of this bid and the way it engages the whole of French society impresses me. Sharing is so central to our vision, to share the passion of the Games and the purpose of Olympism with the world. I’m deeply proud to be part of the bid which is about reaching out, embracing and showing the world everything great about the Olympic Spirit.”

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