HRH Prince Feisal elected JOC President

Amman, Jordan: Oct 23, 2013: The General Assembly for the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) has elected HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein as its President, following an election held at Al Hussein Sport City.

The JOC is the umbrella organisation for all sport in Jordan and the election also saw 18 further members elected to the new Board which will serve up until the next Olympic Games in Rio 2016. The process has been hailed as a success, and follows two intensive months of elections held at each of Jordan’s national sporting federations.

The collective results of those elections formed a General Assembly for the JOC, with voting taking place under close supervision and in front of the media to ensure transparency and openness.

“I am looking forward to serving the Jordan sporting family again over the coming three years and continuing the excellent progress that has been made,” said HRH Prince Feisal. “I urge all of our sporting federations to work hard to enable sport to play a key role in the lives of all Jordanians.”

HRH Prince Feisal has been JOC President since 2003 and has overseen widespread changes in the way sport is governed and delivered in Jordan. He was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee in 2010.

The new JOC Board is made up of five distinguished members (including HRH Prince Feisal), 10 members from sporting federations that compete at the Olympic Games, two from non-Olympic sports and two former Olympic athletes – taekwondo players Mohammed Abu Libdeh and Nadine Dwani who competed at the past three Games.

Jordan Olympic Committee Board 2013-2016


HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein

Distinguished members

Dr Sari Hamdan

Dr Sami Al Majali

Dr Shawki Al Abdullat

Ahmed Hanandeh

Olympic Federations

Amin Al Moumani (Tennis)

Khaled Al Attiyat (Fencing)

Abed Al Rouf (Wrestling)

Khalil Al Salem (Football)

Baker Al Abbadi (Judo)

Nabil Shamroukh (Handball)

Diab Shatarat (Volleyball)

Jamal Fakhouri (Cycling)

Samir Baker (Boxing)

Imthfi Al Myan (Marine Sport)

Non-Olympic Federations

Hussam Barakat (Squash)

Rateb Al Danen (Billiards)

Former Olympic Athletes

Mohammed Abu Libdeh (Taekwondo)

Nadine Dwani (Taekwondo)

Sheikh Ahmad hails achievements of Asian sports body

Sheikh-Ahmad-hails-achievements-of-Asian-sports-bo_74038390014081Beirut, Lebanon: Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) chief Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah hailed the achievements made by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), he also heads, at the conclusion of a visit to Lebanon aimed at discussing the country’s international sports prospects.

The senior Kuwaiti sports figure made the comments during a press briefing at Beirut’s Rafiq Hariri International Airport upon his departure after earlier being bestowed Lebanon’s highest honour by President Michel Suleiman and after discussing sports and diplomatic issues with several officials during his two-day stay.

Asia’s official sports body has “achieved unique leaps that other continents have borne witness to,” he said, adding that it comes “second to the International Olympic Committee in terms of accomplishments.” A new strategy has been created aimed at improving the OCA’s media and marketing roles in cooperation with many international TV organisations and news agencies, he said.

Financial revenue achieved by the OCA surged by 300 percent, he stated, while huge accomplishments have been made on the technical and production levels.

“Sports are all about industry and marketing,” he said, while noting that the OCA’s successes were attributed to a “joint working team which had faith in general principles that are working in an organized manner.” On his visit, he expressed satisfaction on its results in supporting the Lebanese sports movement, along with bilateral relations with Kuwait.

At the top of matters he had discussed with officials was the country’s sports issue – whereby he took time to commend the country’s sports minister Faisal Karami on his efforts to avoid a ban by international footballing body, FIFA, on Lebanon’s participation at international events.

On this, he noted Lebanon’s difficulties at such a critical stage in issuing new legislation, expressing hope it will be able to “adopt laws that are in line with the Olympic Charter.” His talks with Lebanese officials had highlighted what was needed to be done in the coming future in order to avoid such a ban, he said.

“We must support Lebanon in order for its seat (at international venues) to remain and for its flag to continue being hoisted,” he underlined.

He thanked the president for granting him the National Order of the Cedar by rank of officer, and both the Lebanese Olympic Committee and the Lebanese Football Association for their commitment and cooperation on the matters discussed.

Separately, he expressed hope the OCA would succeed in being able to amend dates of events so that they may not to be held during the last 10 days of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan or the first days of the festive Eid occasion – due to the effects these days may have on player performance and spectator turnout.

For his part, Lebanese sports minister Faisal Karami commended Kuwait’s stance in support of Lebanon and hailing the visit made by Sheikh Ahmad.

Of these stances, he mentioned development projects assumed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), material and moral support during the Israeli 2006 attack on Lebanon and Kuwaiti assistance provided to Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah praises Lebanon”s role in int”l olympic movement

Sheikh-Ahmad-Al-Sabah-praises-Lebanons-role-in-int_74039390014083Beirut, Lebanon: Chairman of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah commended Sunday Lebanon’s role within the international olympic movement despite difficulties facing the Arab country.

“Lebanon succeeded, despite its problems, to host athletes in many occasions,” Sheikh Ahmad, also Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), told KUNA following his arrival in Beirut where President Michel Suleiman would decorate him, tomorrow, with the National Order of the Cedar with the rank of Officer in appreciation of his contributions to sport.

Sheikh Ahmad, of Kuwait, said he was honored to be decorated with the National Order of the Cedar “which will be added responsibility towards this country that I love and feel as a real second country … .” He said Lebanon was among the first countries in the Middle East and Arab world to play a vital role in the international olympic movement.

Sheikh Ahmad said his visit to Lebanon would be an opportunity to meet a host of officials, hoping the meetings would be “fruitful.” Member of OCA Suhail Khouri said President Suleiman would honor Sheikh Ahmad in appreciation of his services and support for Lebanon in many fields, namely sport.

Sheikh Ahmad applauds Lebanon’s averting of int’l sports curbs

Sheikh-Ahmad-applauds-Lebanons-averting-of-intl-sp_74040390014084Beirut, Lebanon: Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) chief Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah expressed his appreciation that Lebanon had announced sports laws satisfactory to the Olympic Charter.

His comments were made on two occasions during meetings held separately with both Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

“We are totally committed – our leadership and people – to continuing this relationship in such a positive manner,” he added.

“We were honoured to have met Prime Minister Mikati and we conveyed to him the gratitude of the international Olympic family, and its admiration of the Lebanese government’s understanding – through Minister of Youth and Sports Faisal Karami – in unearthing laws that go in line with the Olympic Charter and which will avoid any international penalties being handed to Lebanese sports,” he said.

He expressed gratitude for being handed Lebanon’s top honour, the National Order of the Cedar by rank of officer, by President Michel Suleiman during a ceremony at the presidential Baabda Palace in Beirut.

“This is an honour and urges me to support various Lebanese matters, whether in relation to sports, economics or politics,” he said on the occasion.

Sheikh Ahmad went on to commend Berri, for the chief parliamentarian’s efforts inside Lebanon, on sports matters in particular, and on efforts to support Lebanese-Kuwaiti relations. Other issues the officials discussed were developments in Lebanon and the region. —- OCA

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