IPC Announces Ambitious Online Plans

Germany, July 09, 2012: Ambitious Online Plans, The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced plans to provide the most comprehensive online coverage ever for a Paralympics including broadcasting 580 hours of live sport from London 2012 via www.paralympic.org during the Games.

During each day of London 2012, the IPC website will broadcast four streams of uninterrupted live coverage from the Paralympics with English commentary, including daily coverage of swimming, wheelchair basketball and athletics, whilst a fourth channel will cover a range of sports. A fifth channel will broadcast a mixture of sports with Spanish commentary.

In addition more than 1,000 hours of sporting action from a number of venues, including individual races and matches, will be made available on www.paralympic.org as video on demand during the course of the Games. Two daily five minute news bulletins will also be produced in English and Spanish.

Supporting the live and on-demand video streams will be 22 writers who will produce daily in-depth previews and reviews of all 20 Paralympic sports, whilst feature writers will have regular interviews and profile stories of the leading athletes. It is estimated around 750 stories will be uploaded to the IPC’s website between 24 August and 10 September.

Six photographers will ensure that every single angle of the Games from track side to behind the scenes is covered and a team of social media experts will ensure all content is readily available via www.facebook.com/paralympicgames and www.twitter.com/paralympic as well as posting some exclusive material.

Craig Spence, the IPC’s Media and Communications Director, said: “Our aim is to make www.paralympic.org the number one place in the world for content about the Paralympic Games during London 2012.

“A team of 60 people will be delivering the most comprehensive coverage ever through live action, video on demand, images, reports, social media and live results.

“We want the excitement and drama that spectators feel in the venues in London to be conveyed all across the world. No matter whether you’re sitting at home or at work www.paralympic.org will be the best place for information and action during the Games.

“We’re very excited about all our plans, and in the coming weeks ahead of the Games we will be making some major announcements about new innovations we will be bringing to the Paralympics.

These will give all visitors to our website the feeling that they are actually sat in the venue watching the sporting action or attending one of the Ceremonies.”

The IPC’s online coverage during the Games can be broken down to the following:

Live Coverage

– Live coverage of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies

– 48 hours of live sport each day available via four channels with English commentary

– 12 hours of live sport each day available a channel with Spanish commentary

– Over 1,000 hours of video on demand uploaded 24 hours a day from 30 August to 9 September

– Two daily news bulletins broadcast in both English and Spanish

– An innovative new video player, details of which will be announced shortly, will give viewers a greater experience than ever before

Online Reports

– 22 writers covering all 20 Paralympic sports will write daily previews and reviews from all the venues

– Feature writers sourcing interviews with all the leading athletes, including the IPC’s Ones to Watch before and after major races and events

– Around 50 stories will be uploaded each day to www.paralympic.org making the site the number one place for the latest news

– Two daily newsletters – one in the morning previewing the day ahead and one shortly after midnight reviewing all the day’s action

Biographies and Live Results

– In-depth biographies of all 4,200 athletes from 165 countries taking part in the Games

– Live results from – cycling road, cycling track, swimming, athletics and wheelchair basketball – together with results as they happen from all other sports

In Pictures

– A team of six photographers will upload around 3,500 images from all 20 Paralympic Sports as well as major events such as the Paralympic Ball and Visa Paralympic Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Social Media

– All content, together with breaking news, will be communicated across the IPC’s social media platforms www.facebook.com/paralympicgames and www.twitter.com/paralympic

– Exclusive content will be made available via social media, more of which will be announced ahead of the Games. —– IPC

Ambitious Online Plans Ambitious Online Plans Ambitious Online Plans Ambitious Online Plans Ambitious Online Plans

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