70 nations from all five continents at the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games!

Innsbruck, Austria, IYOGOC Press Release Dec 30, 2011: 70 nations five continents, More than one thousand athletes and 750 team officials have confirmed their presence in Innsbruck to experience the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games which in addition to the Sports Events also features the Culture & Education Programme (CEP).

For these Games, Innsbruck will see action by athletes from nations as far away as Eritrea, Cayman Islands, Nepal and the Philippines; the participation of these nations marks the involvement of a total of 70 National Olympic Committees spanning all 5 continents.

The Innsbruck 2012 NOC Services and Sport Entries teams worked in close cooperation to ensure that all participants were properly registered and with the help of the Online Registration and Accreditation System (ORAS), the results were above expectation. Rosie Pili, head of the NOC Services team says “It has been an amazing experience working with my team to finalise each and every delegation.

I am extremely satisfied with the dedication and efforts that everyone has put in to make sure that everything ran smoothly. A number of NOCs have also given us positive feedback on the improved system.”

The registration process of participating nations for the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games has been a great success! For the very first time, the entire procedure – accreditation, sport entries and the confirmation of the National Olympic Committee Delegations – was conducted online using ORAS.

This revolutionary process dramatically reduces the time required to finalise the Delegation Registration Process (DRP), enabling National Olympic Committees (NOC) to optimise the time frame allowed to complete their DRP with ease.

Additionally, ORAS permits the Games to head towards a greener and more environmental friendly event by eliminating the need for paper forms. Sabine Krapf, Head of Unit Olympic Games of the German Olympic Committee said, “It is undeniable that the Delegation Registration Process is much easier with the help of ORAS.”

Participating Countries:

Andorra, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Korea, Armenia, Latvia,  Australia, Lebanon, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina Luxembourg, Belarus, Morocco, Brazil, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Mexico, Canada, Mongolia, Cayman Islands, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Chile, Montenegro, People’s Republic of China, Monaco, Croatia, Netherlands, Cyprus, Nepal, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Eritrea, Peru, Spain, Philippines, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Romania, France, Republic of South Africa, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Georgia, Slovenia, Germany, San Marino, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Switzerland, India, Slovakia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Sweden, Ireland, Chinese Taipei, Iceland, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, United States of America, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

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