2024 bid process gets underway with new Invitation Phase as IOC begins to implement Olympic Agenda 2020 Reforms

Lausanne Jan 15, 2015: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today launched the bid process for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in 2024 with an Invitation Phase. It is the first bid process following the adoption four weeks ago of Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

Interested National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and potential bid cities are invited to discuss their initial ideas with the IOC and receive various levels of assistance and feedback ahead of the 15 September deadline for officially committing to a bid. There has been strong interest in hosting the 2024 Olympic Games, with the NOCs of Germany, Italy and the United States already indicating their intention to bid.

The 40 reforms that make up Olympic Agenda 2020 were unanimously adopted by the 127th IOC Session in Monaco in December 2014. Through Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding the uniqueness of the Olympic Games and strengthening sport in society. Implementing the reforms in the bidding process has already begun, as it has in a number of other areas, including the setting up of an Olympic Channel.

Changes to the 2024 Olympic bid process centre on:
– Shaping the bid process as an invitation
– Strengthening the evaluation of bid cities to more clearly highlight key opportunities and risks
– Reducing the cost of bidding and organising the Games

The IOC will contribute approximately USD 1.5 billion* to the organisation of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Through these changes, the IOC is emphasising that bidding for the Games is not a tender for a franchise, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The bid process is about making proposals and offering solutions that will deliver excellent Games, with no compromise on the field of play for the athletes while also meeting the needs of the city and region to ensure the Games leave a positive, long-term, sustainable legacy.

Potential bid cities are encouraged to place greater emphasis on the use of existing venues, and temporary and demountable venues where no long-term need exists or can be justified.

NOCs are invited to inform the IOC of their interest in bidding for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in 2024 at their earliest convenience. The IOC will then contact these NOCs to determine the best way the IOC can assist them during the Invitation Phase. To assist interested cities and their NOCs to develop a project that best meets each city’s unique long-term development needs, the IOC will make available the “core requirements” necessary to organise the Games.

The deadline for NOCs to officially launch a bid for the 2024 Olympic Games is 15 September 2015 – the start of the Applicant City Phase that will continue through to the start of the Candidate City Phase in April/May 2016. The election of the host city will take place in the summer of 2017.

In keeping with the IOC’s commitment to good governance, transparency and ethics, the Host City Contract, Evaluation Commission reports and other documentation will be made public on www.olympic.org. Click here for the letter and outline of the three bid phases sent to the NOCs today.

Details of the second and third phases of the bid process are as follows:
Applicant City Phase
– 15 September: deadline for NOC and City to submit letter to IOC confirming the Application
– IOC makes available to Applicant City and their NOC the full package of bid documentation: full list of Olympic Games “requirements”; Applicant and Candidate City procedures and Questionnaires; Olympic Charter; Host City Contract – including details of the IOC’s contribution to the organisation of the Games
– Focus on sustainability and legacy through the maximum use of existing, temporary and demountable facilities
– IOC hosts Applicant City seminar
– Applicant Cities submit Application File to the IOC
– IOC evaluates applications and makes a report to the IOC Executive Board
– IOC Executive Board selects Candidate Cities

Candidate City Phase
– Cities participate in IOC Olympic Games Observer Programme, Rio 2016
– Cities participate in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games debrief in Tokyo
– IOC organises workshops with Candidate Cities – tailored to needs
– Candidate Cities submit Candidature File to the IOC
– Candidate Cities make presentations to the following meetings only: ANOC General Assembly in 2017, International Olympic Summer Sports Federations, IOC Candidate City Briefing, IOC Session in Lima, Peru

– IOC Evaluation Commission visits each Candidate City and publishes report
– Election of the Host City by the 130th IOC Session in Lima, Peru, Summer 2017 (dates TBC)
– Host City and IOC sign the Host City Contract

* Details of the IOC contribution to the 2024 OCOG to be included in the Host City Contract made available to Applicant Cities in September 2015. —- IOC

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