2020, the Japanese invite 5 new sports

Tokyo, Sept 28, 2015: Very strong, these Japanese. Very surprising, especially. The organizing committee of the Tokyo Games has taken everyone by surprise this Monday, September 28th, at the time of the announcement of the new sports offered at the 2020 Olympics program are expected in two or three, not more. They will eventually be five. No less than five international federations deductions over the eight that appeared since last June in the list of finalists: baseball and softball, karate, rock climbing, surfing and skating. The three recalibrated: squash, again, bowling, yet very popular in Japan, and wushu, presented in the demo Youth Games in Nanjing in 2014.

The organizing committee announced on Monday at a press conference in Tokyo. Ads complemented by the detailed disciplines and especially the number of new athletes that such a change would bring the program to 2020. The Olympic baseball tournament would concern 6 teams of 24 players, including 144 athletes. His female counterpart, softball, it would count as six teams, but with only 15 players per country, ie 90 athletes. A total of 234 entrants in the Games.It’s a lot.

A climbing, chosen by the Japanese discipline is the combined block, difficulty and speed. An event for boys, another for girls, 20 competitors on each side, 40 new. Correct. In karate, the selection committee did not do in the economy: 2 events in kata (men and women), 6 others in kumite (three weight categories for both sexes), for a total of 80 fighters . Ouch.

Rollerblading, things are the same way: both events into “street”, one for boys, one for girls, plus two others in “park.” Twenty competitors per discipline, or 80 athletes. Finally, almost makes surfing figure small player with 40 surfers, 20 boys and 20 girls, all concerned with a single discipline, shortboard.

On arrival, the Japanese have no fear: they offer the IOC to make room in the Tokyo Games program for 474 new athletes, invited to perform in 18 new trials. In a statement issued immediately after the announcement of its decision, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Games explains that “this combination of events is both traditional and emerging sports sports, popular with youth, as well in Japan and internationally. “

At this stage of the process, the five international federations have not really allowed to say “Olympic”. And not quite interest. The Japanese are just “recommend” new sports. The final decision will be up to the IOC. It will be taken by all its members in August, during the session held in Rio de Janeiro on the sidelines of the 2016 Games.

How to react they face the Japanese largesse choice? Not simple. The IOC finds himself facing a little square the circle. He must respect the resolutions of its Agenda 2020 by giving more flexibility to the program, thus letting up new sports. At the same time, there is no question for Thomas Bach and his men to increase the size of the Games, especially in terms of athlete participation.

By validating a record vote in August, Japanese organizers recommendations, the IOC would be forced to deviate from the Tokyo Games just under 500 athletes in these disciplines already. He must for that arm themselves with a machete and cut the fat of the current program. At the risk of upsetting the international federations, very concerned of their sport. Conversely, retoquer Japanese proposals would impose the IOC to make the choices for them and, above all, to justify the reasons. In any case, the next session of the Olympic organization looks exciting.

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