Judo for the World – Episode VII: Hungary “Hungary is a judo nation – Judo is taught even in the smallest villages”

Lausanne, July 14, 2016: After Japan, Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, Australia and Zambia the International Judo Federation just released the new episode of the popular #JudofortheWorld series, which features Judo in Hungary, in the heart of Europe.

The characters featured in this film describe how Hungary has become a judo country and how the sport is growing bigger and bigger every day.

From young children practicing judo at school to top level athletes such as Ungvari Miklos, Olympic silver medalist in London 2012, Hungary is putting a lot of efforts to make judo more popular in order the spread the values of the sport.

In 2015, a Judo for children project was officially launched in the country and now the sport is practiced in about 200 schools throughout the territory. Judo for the World focuses on that educational dimension of judo.

Vivien comes from a poor family, 350km away from Budapest, in Gyortelek.

She made the choice to come to the capital to change her life and find new opportunities through sport: “Hungary is a judo nation.

Judo is taught even in the smallest villages. There are young judoka all over the country.“ JFTW also met her mother who explained what a big step it was for her daughter to move out to the capital.

Ungvari Miklos is going to participate in his fourth Olympic Games this summer and was an Olympic silver medalist in London in 2012.

But he was also raised by his mother, who took care alone of her ten children, in a small town, Cegled, 80km from the capital.

The champion spent a full day with JFTW to explain how judo has impacted his life and how it can change the life of thousands of children, who all dream of becoming the next Ungvari Miklos:

“My family is very important for me, especially my mum. She gave up many things for us and we are all trying to give back some of the love and goodness that we received from her.”

The movie features all the characters in their environment and daily life. It helps to show the situation and challenges that they are facing but also the amazing hope brought by judo. In 2017, Hungary will host the World Judo Championships in Budapest. —- IJF

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