2017 IMMAF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, finals results & medalists

2017 IMMAF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, finals results & medalists

Manama, Bahrain, Nov 19, 2017: Please see attached the results for the Finals and list of medallists for the 2017 IMMAF World Championships which took place in Manama, Bahrain, yesterday (18 November) at the Khalifa Sports City Arena (2017 IMMAF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS).

Hosted by the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF) and endorsed by the Bahrain Olympic Committee, IMMAF’s prestigious nation vs nation, Amateur MMA tournament took place from 12 to 19 November in Manama (Bahrain) as part of Brave International Combat Week.

See attached results for the Finals and below for list of medallists for the 2017 IMMAF World Championships:

Female Strawweight (115lbs):
Gold: Anna Astvik (Sweden)
Silver: Hannah Dawson (New Zealand)
Bronze: Ayan Tursyn (Kazakhstan), Sara Cova (Mexico)

Female Flyweight (125lbs):
Gold: Michele Oliveira (Brazil)
Silver: Danni Neilan (Ireland)
Bronze: Alexandra Kovacs (Hungary), Anette Osterberg (Finland)

Female Bantamweight (135lbs):
Gold: Manon Fiorot (France)
Silver: Chamia Chabbi (Finland)
Bronze: Karoline Hulkko (Finland), Joanne Doyle (UK)

Female Featherweight (145lbs):
Gold: Fabiana Giampa (Italy)
Silver: Courtney McCrudden (Northern Ireland)
Bronze: Nicole Schnalzer (Austria), Nora Nagy (Hungary)

Female Lightweight (155lbs):
Gold: Gase Sanita (New Zealand)
Silver: Kaycee Blake (UK)
Bronze: Fatena Bureshaid (Bahrain), Julia Dorny (Germany)

Male Flyweight (125lbs):
Gold: Serdar Altas (Sweden)
Silver: Yernaz Mussabek (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Hussain Abdulla (Bahrain), Sean Stebbins (USA)

Male Bantamweight (135lbs):
Gold: Gamzat Magomedov (Bahrain)
Silver: Olzhas Moldagaliyev (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Florian Doskja (Albania) Dinislam Jetpissov (Kazakhstan)

Male Featherweight (145lbs):
Gold: Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria)
Silver: Joel Arolainen (Finland)
Bronze: Abdulmanap Magomedov (Bahrain), David Evans (USA)

Male Lightweight (155lbs):
Gold: Quitin Thomas (USA)
Silver: Vitali Andruhovich (Belarus)
Bronze: Jose Teixeira (Luxembourg), Ermal Hadribeaj (Albania)

Male Welterweight (170lbs):
Gold: Benjamin Bennet (USA)
Silver: Sola Axel (France)
Bronze: Cody Barnwell (Australia) Isakov Issa (Belgium)

Male Middleweight (185lbs):
Gold: Khaled Laallam (Sweden)
Silver: Bjorn Lukas Haraldsson (Iceland)
Bronze: Joseph Luciano (Australia), Christian Leroy Duncan (UK)

Male Light Heavyweight (205lbs):
Gold: Murtaza Talha Ali (Bahrain)
Silver: Pavel Pahomenko (Belarus)
Bronze: Anton Turkalj (Sweden), Pawel Zaikrzewski (Poland)

Male Heavyweight (265lbs):
Gold: Irman Smajic (Sweden)
Silver: Lev Vins (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Cameron Dempsey (Australia), Ryan Spillane (Ireland)

Male Super Heavyweight (265lbs):
Gold: Atanas Krastanov (Bulgaria)
Silver: Marcin Kalata (Poland)
Bronze: Tolga Polat (Turkey), Damian Visenja (Austria). —- IMMAF

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