Mascot Design Competition Launched

Germany, Jan 15, 2014: The EuroBasket 2015 Local Organising Commitee (LOC) launched on Wednesday an open competition for the design of the event‘s official mascot. The task of the contest is to design the official mascot of EuroBasket 2015 in Ukraine and make it a real symbol of the tournament.

“The mascot is an essential component of any major sporting event. It has to represent not only the spirit of the competition and the host country, but also to inspire and bring joyful emotions.

“That’s why we aim to attract a wide range of specialists for the creation of the EuroBasket 2015 mascot,” commented Tournament Director Markian Lubkivskiy.

The mascot will be actively involved in the promotion of the tournament, pre-tournament events and social responsibility projects. It should be positively perceived by children and adults and embody the values of the championship – passion, team spirit, challenge and respect.

Creative agencies and independent authors can hand in their works up until 14 February 2014. The proposal should include a sketch of the mascot, the history of its creation and its name. The LOC is set to offer a monetary reward of 15 000 UAH for the development of the mascot. The official presentation of the mascot will be held in spring 2014.

For detailed terms and conditions of the competition please visit the official EuroBasket Facebook page or contact the LOC at —- FibaEurope

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