World Sports Journalist day, FIG WELCOMES YOUNG REPORTERS

Lausanne, July 3, 2013: On July 2, the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) celebrated both World Sports Journalist Day and the 89th anniversary of its founding on July 1, 1924 in Paris (FRA).

It was a perfect opportunity to welcome a group of young reporters to FIG headquarters, led by AIPS President, Gianni Merlo (ITA) and a delegation of experts. The reporters were enthusiastic about the different aspects of gymnastics, and gave their utmost attention to information given by Olivier Strebel, FIG Director of Communication and Marketing. They were brought up to speed on FIG policy with regard to accreditation and press reception at competition venues.

World Sports Journalist Day

Adding a personal touch to a day given to redefining priorities, AIPS President composed a message that underlines the impact a journalist can have in the daily fight against racism, corruption in sport, and his influence on the promotion of independence, education.


“Today is the 89th anniversary of our association. At this moment, the world is living in a kind of storm. We are facing difficult situations and 2013 is a very special year for sport, both in terms of the events and the protagonists who are at the centre of attention.

For our profession, 2013 is a crucial year. The constant shadow of job security hangs in the air, with more and more jobs disappearing due to the double-edged sword that is “New Media”.

“For this reason, we as an association have chosen to invest in culture and education. We are committed on several fronts; it is our duty to protect our professionalism and, at the same time, fight the ailments afflicting sport.”

“We are currently leading a Young Reporters programme in Lausanne. It is a great experience, similar to the ones we have held in the past at the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011 and Azerbaijan FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2012. A few weeks ago, we were in Tel Aviv for the UEFA U-21 European Championship. “

“In these programmes we are sharing with the young colleagues important educational moments that will help them to grow as professionals with better knowledge not only of sport, but also of ethics and honesty, because these are the pillars of our profession. “

“We must, in this very difficult period for society and the world, be ready to use sport as a tool for pacification. In the meantime, we must continue to strongly defend our independence, because in our freedom of expression is the secret for a better future.”

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