Success for the World Archery Management Seminar 2011

Lausanne – FITA News: In line with the World Archery World Plan 2007-2012 and with the aim of empowering their Member Associations, World Archery held a Management Seminar on 18-20 November 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland for around 50 participants from 30 countries (World Archery Management Seminar).

World Archery Member Associations need to be pro-active in developing new skills as well as to be receptive to new ideas and methods which are necessary in the continuously evolving world of archery administration.

Therefore, the Management Seminar aimed at the chief executive officer of the Member Associations, mainly General Secretaries, CEO’s and/or Presidents depending on the size and structure of the federation.

The objective of the Seminar was to strengthen the networking between Member Associations by sharing successful stories and concrete projects that can be replicated in other countries in order to increase the management efficiency of World Archery Member Associations.

The participants were split in four small groups in order to facilitate the exchange among them. The groups rotated on the four workshops: General Management, Marketing & Business Development, Communication & PR, and Development & High Performance.

The participants made this seminar a success! Amazing success stories have been shared, as for instance:

Ø The strategic planning and restructuring of the South African National Association

Ø The social network strategies and activations in the USA (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Ø The partnership and involvement of archers in billboard advertising with Coca Cola and Visa in Chinese Taipei

Ø The commercial development of the Nimes Indoor European Tournament (Archery World Cup Indoor Stage) during 18 years

Ø The development of archery in Bangladesh

Ø The international tournament for standard and bamboo bows in Benin

Ø The high performance evolution in sports, and in archery in particular

The participants also enjoyed some plenary presentations from other sports organisation such as the Olympic Solidarity, the Hockey International Federation and the World Taekwondo Federation.

A total of 31 presentations or case studies have been shared among the participants. All of them will be put on a web platform soon. In the meantime, the photos of the seminar are here.

The seminar also meant a jump-start for the World Archery Plan 2012-2017, which aims to further develop the Member Associations, to transfer knowledge and experience between the World Archery members.

World Archery Secretary General Tom DIELEN said: “We are delighted with what the participants brought to this seminar. We have heard incredible success stories, some from Member Associations that have very little resources.

Now, we all need to go back to the office and work on what we have learned from each other. And don’t hesitate to contact us or other participants from the seminar if you need help in a particular topic. Together, we can make our sport bigger!”

The World Archery Management Seminar 2011 was delivered in collaboration with the Education Partner, SINERGI Sports Consulting ( and was funded by the International Foundation for the Development of Archery (FIDTA).

Olympic Solidarity, the Hockey International Federation and the World Taekwondo Federation

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