South America’s First Women’s Sevens Circuit Launched

Dublin-Ireland, May 31, 2012: In a great development for Rugby in South America, the first women’s Sevens circuit in the Region has been launched in Brazil.

The “Super Sevens” gets underway in San Jose at the end of June and is designed to promote the shorter format of the sport ahead of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro while also assisting with the development of women’s teams in Brazil.

“This is great news for women’s Rugby and bodes very well for Brazil as they look towards Rugby’s return to the Olympic Games in Rio 2016,” said IRB Head of Development and Performance Mark Egan.

“It follows on from a very successful CONSUR Sevens tournament in Rio earlier this year and, in February 2013, that event will again take place in Rio for what will be the regional qualifying tournament for Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 in Moscow. So clearly, these are exciting times for Rugby Sevens in South America,” he said.

The Brazil women’s team did well at the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2009 in Dubai, making it through to the Bowl final and lighting up the tournament. It also took part in three recent IRB Women’s Sevens Challenge Cups in Dubai, Hong Kong and London.

President of the Brazil Rugby Union (CBRu) Sami Arap Sobrinho said: “Women’s rugby is growing all over the world and we are proud that Brazil is very much part of that success.”

“Today we have a national team that has been South American champion eight times in a row and has represented the Region proudly on the world stage. We believe we can develop further and achieve even better results. That is why we are rewarding the women’s clubs with this high-level national competition. The more they play together, the stronger they will become,” said Arap Sobrinho.

There will be one Super Sevens event held each month for the next five months with each being hosted by a club with support of the local Union and under the supervision of CBRu. There will be 10 core teams participating, made up of the top six sides in the Brazil Sevens 2011 plus four other teams invited by mutual agreement between the local Union and CBRu.

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