Winter World Masters Games

A new chapter in Innsbruck’s sporting history WWMG 2020

Innsbruck, Oct 23, 2019: In 80 days the Winter World Masters Games 2020 (WWMG 2020) will begin. Taking place from 10 to 19 January, this major sporting event will showcase Innsbruck and the region of Tyrol as it welcomes around 3,000 athletes from all over the world for the third edition of the WWMG.

Today, on 23 October, representatives of politics, tourism, sport, the organising committee and the volunteer team tirol met at Bergisel ski jumping stadium in Innsbruck to symbolically unite the five apostrophes forming the logo of the WWMG 2020, a snowflake, and launch the countdown to the start of the final jigsaw puzzle piece in Innsbruck’s long and proud sporting history.

Facts and figures about the athletes

During this final phase the organising committee will be focussing on registering more athletes taking part in the WWMG and putting the final touches to the preparations.

Following a phenomenal start in spring, the number of athletes signing up has continued to grow steadily. Around 45% of the competitors come from Europe and 25% from North America.

The single country with the most athletes signed up for the Masters Games 2020 is Canada (14%), followed by Germany (11%), the USA (9%) and Austria (9%

With over 500 competitors, Figure Skating is the most popular sport for the moment. Followed by Alpine Skiing and Cross-Country Skiing.
Georg Spazier, CEO of innsbruck-tirol sports GmbH (ITS) and head of the WWMG 2020 organising committee:

“The registration phase has been fantastic so far. At the moment we have over 2,227 athletes from 53 countries who have signed up. We want to use the final countdown to encourage even more amateurs, local sportsmen and sportswomen to put their names down for the Winter World Masters Games 2020.”

Unique opportunity to experience the Olympic atmosphere

The Masters Games give amateur athletes a unique chance to fulfil a long-held dream – taking part in a major international multi-sports event. As well as fantastic competitions in the various venues, the WWMG also offers plenty of great side events.

The Masters Village will be the central meeting point for athletes, friends, guests and locals in the heart of Innsbruck. It provides the perfect setting to reflect on an action-packed day while enjoying music and art from Tyrol.

The third edition of the Winter World Masters Games 2020 will officially open on 11 January 2020 with the athletes’ parade.

Innsbruck’s rich sporting history gives this event a unique position. After two Winter Olympics, the Universiade, the Youth Olympic Games and the International Children’s Games it is the final piece in the winter multi-sport events jigsaw puzzle.

Innsbruck’s sporting history has something to offer every sports fan, young or old. Hosting the WWMG 2020 means Innsbruck will complete the final missing chapter in the city’s sporting history. The ITS will be the first company in the world organising three different multisport events.

Alexander Pointner, WWMG 2020 Ambassador:

“If I think back to my time as a ski jumper and later as a coach, major events like this one were always really special. Being at the heart of an incredible atmosphere makes it an unforgettable experience!”

Georg Willi, Mayor of Innsbruck:

“Team spirit and community lie at the heart of the Winter World Masters Games. An event like this would not be possible without everyone working together, both before and during the Games.”

Karin Seiler-Lall, Head of Innsbruck Tourism:

“The majority of athletes will be bringing family or friends with them to Innsbruck. While they are here, often for more than a week, they will visit some of the local tourist attractions.

That is at least as important as the sporting competitions. We aim to give people coming to the WWMG 2020 all the information they need about the wide range of sights and activities in and around Innsbruck so they can enjoy their time with us.”

The Winter World Masters Games 2020

The WWMG 2020 are driving to become the largest winter sports festival in the world. The Masters Games are open to everyone aged 30 years and older. Age is the only condition for competing. Participants can choose from 12 sports.

There is no upper age limit – everyone is welcome! As well as Nordic sports such as Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Ski Orienteering, Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing there will also be competitions in Alpine Skiing and Ski Mountaineering. Ice-based sports will include Figure Skating, Short Track, Speed Skating, Ice Hockey and Curling.

Registration is still open in November.

Josef Geisler, vice governor of Tyrol:

“This event shows how important sport and exercise are at every age. Tyrol has plenty of sporting options for guests and locals of all ages. That is one of the reasons why Tyrol is the perfect host for the WWMG: our sporting venues are open not only to professional athletes but also to amateurs. They are used just as much by the general public as they are for high-level national and international competitions.”

Samantha Hayward, Director of Sports, International Masters Games Association (IMGA):

“Innsbruck provides the perfect location for the 2020 Winter World Masters Games. Tyrol’s capital has a long tradition of winter sports, one that the masters community can now proudly support. The quality of facilities made available and the level of experience involved in organising this outstanding event are going to make it one to remember.” —- Media Innsbruck 2020

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