Pakistan team for WESPA Youth Scrabble

Karachi, Pakistan, Nov 20, 2018: Syed Imaad Ali won the qualifying tournament for the selection of the Pakistan team for the WESPA Youth Cup (WYC) scrabble at BVS Parsi School.

Imaad also won a free return ticket to participate in the WYC which will be played at Dubai on December 13-15.

About 80 players took part in the qualifying tournament.

The players were divided into two divisions

In the division ‘A’ Syed Imaad won 13 of the 18 matches and maintained a spread of 1379 to take the first position.

Ali Rashid Khan also won 13 matches but stood 2nd with a spread of 365.

Hasham Hadi was the 3rd with 12 wins and a spread of 533.

The top ten WESPA Youth Scrabble players who got selected from division A are:

Syed Imaad Ali

Ali Rashid Khan

Hasham Hadi Khan

Hamza naeem

Monis Hussain Khan

Usman Shaukat

Sohaib Sanaullah

Mirza Taha Hasan

Basil Ali Khan

M. Saim Usmani

The players that qualified for the WESPA Youth Scrabble team from division B are:

Ali Wasif

Afham Imtiaz

Ahmed Atta Khatri

Syed Hammad Hamid

Amna Khushnood

Momina Riazuddin

Menaal Basit

Eshaal Basit

Rishit Kumar

Hamza Baber

The WESPA Youth cup is the premier youth event and one of the four major youth scrabble events in the world.

Pakistan has already won the other three namely Junior World Scrabble Championship, Princess Cup International, Causeway Challenge International.

Pakistan is attempting to become the only country in history to win all the four major youth scrabble events. —- Pakistan Scrabble Association

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