WBSC unveils innovative Game

WBSC unveils innovative Game Management System for new 5-on-5 Baseball5

Lausanne, Oct 25, 2019: The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) today launched a new Game Management System (GMS) as well as new guidelines for officials for the new urban five-on-five discipline Baseball5 (WBSC unveils innovative Game).

The new GMS, which was trialed at select 2019 events, is intended to greatly simplify and standardise Baseball5 competitions.

The main innovation is the introduction of a Game Official, who has a complete knowledge of the game and is able to manage all aspects of the competition.

The traditional figures of Umpire, Scorer and Technical Commissioner have evolved into the role of Game Official, more accurately reflecting the “all you need is a ball to play” philosophy.

In line with the vision of Baseball5, the competition management has streamlined to increase accessibility and to allow competitions to organise, officiated and sanctioned more easily, in response to the wave of new Baseball5 events and competitions that have emerged across the globe.

An updated version of the WBSC Baseball5 Rulebook also released today, in conjunction with the new GMS.

The release of the GMS, includes also the WBSC Baseball5 Scoring System has developed to meet the following characteristics:

Easy to teach and understand

Intuitive and quick in practice

Allow room for basic stats

Minimize negatives

Reduce interpretation

Highlight positives

The 2019 season also served to finalise the technical specification for the Baseball5 ball, which are presented in the Rulebook.

Today the WBSC Baseball5 department also presented the Baseball5 Ball homologation programme.

WBSC unveils innovative Game/WBSC unveils innovative Game/WBSC unveils innovative Game

All management system publications and guidelines are available at the links below: —- WBSC


Game Management

Ball Homologation

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