WBSC Baseball and Softball Divisions elect new leaders

Gaborone, Botswana, Oct 15, 2017: New leaders of the WBSC Baseball and WBSC Softball divisions were elected at the 12-14 October WBSC Congress at the Gaborone International Convention Centre in Botswana’s capital (WBSC Divisions elect new leaders).

Italy’s Riccardo Fraccari ran unopposed to win the seat as the Chairman of the WBSC Baseball Division, while Puerto Rico’s Tommy Velazquez was elected as the new Chairman of WBSC Softball Division. Fraccari is also the current president of the World Baseball Softball Confederation.

“At the next WBSC Baseball Executive meeting in Paris next March, we will outline our strategic plan covering the next four years,” said Fraccari, “laying out the important roadwork needed to build a billion-strong baseball/softball community and secure a long-term place on the Olympic Programme.”

“We have a very clear goal: Paris 2024,” Velazquez added.
WBSC Baseball Division:

• Chairman: Riccardo Fraccari

• Treasurer: Angelo Vicini (San Marino)

• 1st Vice Chairman: Tom Peng (Taiwan)

• 2nd Vice Chairman: Paul Seiler (United States)

• Member at-Large: Ms. Hiroko Yamada (Japan)

• Member at-Large: Luis Melero (Spain)

• Member at-Large: Benicio Robinson (Panama)

• Vice Chairman – Africa: Saber Jlajla (Tunisia)

• Vice Chairman – Americas: Tito Pereyra (Dominican Republic)

• Vice Chairman – Asia: Xu Chen (China)

• Vice Chairman – Europe: Didier Seminet (France)•

Vice Chairman – Oceania: Laurent Cassier (France)

WBSC Softball Division:

• Chairman: Tommy Velazquez

• Treasurer: Javier Anaya (Colombia)

• 1st Vice Chairman: Ms. Beng Choo Low (Malaysia)

• 2nd Vice Chairman: Craig Cress (United States)

• Member at-Large: Ms. Maria Soto (Venezuela)

• Member at-Large: Ms. Taeko Utsugi (Japan)

• Member at-Large: Tirelo Mukokomani (Botswana)

• Vice Chairman – Africa: Mashilo Matsetela (South Africa)

• Vice Chairman – Asia: Hiromi Tokuda (Japan)

• Vice Chairman – Europe: Gabriel Waage (Czech Republic)

• Vice Chairman – Rex Capil (New Zealand) Cuba’s Antonio Castro was also confirmed as WBSC Global Ambassador, holding a seat on the WBSC Executive Board. —- WBSC

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