Visit of Claus Umbach at the IWF President

Budapest – Hungary, Dec 07: On 5th December 2012, IWF President Dr. Tamás Aján received Claus Umbach, President of the German Weightlifting Federation (BVDG) for a discussion in Budapest. Mr. Umbach’s goal in asking for this meeting was to clear misunderstandings and seeks to reestablish the good relations between the German Federation and the IWF.

Regarding the BVDG’s open letter dated 4th October 2012 addressed to the IWF President and sent to all the National Federations, the signatory, Mr. Umbach said he was sorry and personally apologized for the statements made in the letter.

Dr. Aján emphasized that he and the IWF had always considered the German Federation as an important feature in an international context. The BVDG President confirmed his support to the IWF’s objectives and expressed his appreciation towards its anti-doping activities and initiatives. The prospects of a fruitful co-operation between the IWF and the BVDG were also discussed in the meeting.


Every National Federation participating in the IWF Congress for the Modification of the Constitution to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan are reminded to make sure that their IWF membership fees are paid for the last 4 years.


The Youth & Junior African Championships were held from 18-25 November in the city of Tunis, Tunisia.

Prior to the event, the African Weightlifting Federation held its Congress with the participation of 12 countries: ALG, CMR, EGY, KENY, LBA, MAR, NGR, RSA, SEN, SEY, TUN, UGA.

The following major issues were discussed: Olympic performances of the African athletes at London 2012, the future application procedures of the WFA and the development of Weightlifting in Africa.

Under the guidance of Mohamed Ben Amor, Competition Director, the Youth & Junior African Championships were held with the participation of 90 athletes from 7 countries: TUN, EGY, KEN, LBA, MAR, RSA, UGA.

Thanks to the great organization and the involvement of Khaled Mhalhel, WFA President and Eshelli Manareddin, WFA General Secretary and the Tunisian Secretariat Members, the competition run smoothly and was a great success for the competing African athletes.


Mr. Attila Adamfi, IWF Competition Director recently paid a visit to Nanjing, China in order to proceed to the Technical Visit in preparation of the Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014. He was received by the Nanjing 2014 Team and the appointed Competition Manager, Mr. Li Hao.

The venue to host Weightlifting competitions will be the Nanjing International Expo Center (NIEC) completed in 2008. The competition venue will also accommodate the weightlifting training providing easy and comfortable solution for athletes and team officials. Fencing, Taekwondo, Boxing and Modern Pentathlon/fencing competitions will also take place at the NIEC.

The competition venue has a perfect location, in between the Athletes Village and the Olympic Stadium.

The draft Competition Schedule was approved. According to the provisional schedule, the Weightlifting event will kick off on 17 August 2014 – right after the Opening Ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014. The newly built Athlete’s Village is under construction and will be completed in early 2014.


The IWF testing program is extensive, effective and compliant with the International Standards. The preliminary year – end report for 2012 testing statistics – by 1st December 2012 – are as follows:

Total number of tests: 1941

In-competition controls: 1149

Out-of-competition controls: 792

Missed tests: 37

Positive cases: 29


Dr. Tamas Ajan, IWF President, WADA FB member hereby highlights the major points of interest from the above meeting. WADA’ Director General David Howman reported that the NEW Technical Documentation for EPO analysis was approved. The re accreditation process for the Ankara laboratory was reopened.

It was reconfirmed that stimulants, especially methylhexanamine can be prevented by education and other preventive steps. Further it was clearly stated that a 3-6 months ineligibility is unacceptable since it is a clearly performance enhancing substance.

In the Draft of the new WADA Code the B sample was reinstated and the procedure remains as in the current Code. With regards to sanctions the 4 years ban will be implemented for steroids and the 2 years ban for stimulants.


His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, presented the ‘Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award’ to Philippe Saint-Cyr for his pioneering role as an internationally renowned weightlifting official, in the development of the sport and for his unpaid work in a variety of federations at the regional, provincial, national and international levels.

Created in 1995, the ‘Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award’ recognizes living Canadians and permanent residents who have made a significant, sustained, unpaid contribution to their community, in Canada or abroad. Often working behind the scene, these individuals volunteer their time and efforts to help their fellow citizens. The award also brings to light fine example set by volunteers, whose compassion and engagement are a part of our Canadian character.

Congratulations to Philippe!

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