Virtual Axis Winter Bowling Tournament 2013

Karachi – Pakistan, Jan 30, 2013: Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association (STBA) and Royal Rodale Club Jointly present Virtual Axis Winter Bowling Tournament 2013 under the category of Open Singles, & Trio Event from schedule to be held from February 10, 2013 at Royal Rodale Club, DHA, Mr. Khuwaja Ahmed, CEO of Virtual Axis has provided financial assistance to ensure the success of the tournament and additionally has entered a name as player. PTBF playing rules and regulations shall apply.

The excitement and the thrill to win the trophy in the winter has created a challenging environment among players during the qualifying rounds.

After qualifying games Top 10 Playing for Open Singles Followed by knock-out Final. Balance position holder’s 11th player to last entry play for Armature Singles.

Trio Team will pair by Score Chart of Qualifying round. Odd number team matching will be considered as team pairing top middle and lowest scores.

STBA will be awarding players with prestigious awards and Cash Prizes up to PKR 100,000 in Final of Virtual Axis Winter Bowling Tournament 2013. Once the player will qualify for their respective category then Round 1 will be played and it will then proceeds towards Round 2 & Finals said Romis Ali –General Secretary of STBA.

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